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You can open on the computer a mobile version of the Instagram site and create stories and posts there, almost as in the official application. How to do this - show by the example of Chrome, but in most other observers the action will be similar.

1. How to add a photo or video in Instagram from a computer with a desktop browser

You can open on the computer a mobile version of the Instagram site and create stories and posts there, almost as in the official application. How to do this - show by the example of Chrome, but in most other observers the action will be similar.

Go to Instagram and log in in your account.

How to add a photo in Instagram from Computer: Enter your account

Open the developer tools. To do this, press SHIFT + CTRL + I or right-click on the page and select "View Code" (or a line with a similar name).

How to add a photo in "Instagram" from a computer: Open the developer tools

On the opened toolbar, find the icon with a schematic image of several monitors or mobile devices and click on it. If you do not find, press SHIFT + CTRL + M. Anyway, the browser must start the site in mobile mode.

How to add a photo in "Instagram" from a computer: Run the site in mobile mode

Configure the instagram interface size convenient for you, using the buttons over the site window.

How to add video to Instagram from Computer: Configure Interface

Update the page. After that, the publication button will appear and you can use social network on PC just like on a smartphone.

How to add video to "Instagram" from a computer: Update page

2. How to lay out a photo or video in Instagram from a computer using Facebook Creator Studio

Last year, a special section Creator Studio appeared on Facebook. It allows you to publish and even plan posts in Instagram. It is impossible to create stories yet.

How to post a photo in "Instagram" from a computer: Switch your account to professional

To work with Creator Studio, you need to switch your Instagram account to professional (author's profile or business account). To do this, go to the Instagram Mobile Application Settings, select Account → "Switch to Professional Account" and follow the prompts. The procedure will take you a couple of minutes. If you don't like something, you can return to the usual type of account at any time.

In addition, it is necessary to bind your profile to the Facebook page. To do this, click on the Account page in the Instagram application button or "Edit Profile" (Android). Select "Page" and connect the new Facebook page using system prompts.

Now open the Creator Studio via the computer's browser, select the Instagram icon from above and log in with your account.

How to post a video in "Instagram" from a computer: Select Instagram Feed

To make a publication, on the left panel, click on the Create A POST button and select Instagram Feed. Add a photo or video using the Add Content button.

Click on the arrow next to the Publish and select the appropriate option: Publish Now (Publish Now) or Plan (schedule). In the second case, you can specify the time to which the service publishes the post automatically.

3. How to add a photo or video in Instagram from a computer using an Android emulator for PC

Emulators are special programs that allow you to work with any Android applications directly on your computer. By running the Instagram's official mobile client, you can easily publish Stories and posts. Android device for this will not need.

How to publish post in "Instagram" from a computer: Install the emulator

Install any free emulator from the selection of Lifehaker for Windows, Linux and MacOS. In the example in the screenshot you can see the window with the NoxPlayer interface.

Run the emulator and log in to the Google Play application store by clicking on the appropriate icon. Connect your old or create a new Google account to be able to download Android programs.

Right in the emulator, download Instagram from Google Play and log in to your profile. After that, you can publish video and pictures from the computer as if you use social network on your smartphone.

Share a photo in Instagram through a smartphone - 5 seconds. Share content through a computer - an unreal task. But it would be convenient: I processed a snapshot or video and immediately from the computer uploaded to the application. It turns out that downloading photos and video in Instagram from the computer has long been possible. We tell how.

Instagram was created as a mobile application, but gradually introduced on Wednesday desktop solutions. There is already an official application that we can find in Microsoft Store. It copies the browser application, it is possible to add a video through "IGTV", but the photo is not added. Also in the app store you can find separate programs to add a photo, but they are paid and not always stable. We have a better decision.

With browser

Modern browsers have a great functionality, allowing you to easily and simply place publications without resorting to third-party services.


For those who are used to working in multitasking mode, there is a very convenient option. We will need a Vivaldi browser with its panel adding tool.

Click on the "Add webpacker" icon and insert the link to the Instagram site. After entering the account in the panel column there will be a familiar application icon, as well as a download button.

Thanks to this interface, you can view the event tape, add photos and work in parallel with multiple open tabs.

Mobile emulation

For this method, we will need to go to the browser and go to the Instagram site. We enter your account by clicking right-clicking on any free page area, select the drop-down menu " View code "

On the right side of the screen, a window with the source code of our page will appear. It can also be called a CRTL + SHIFT + I key combination. Next, click on the tablet / smartphone icon and select the device's usual interface for us. We update the page. At the bottom of the screen will appear a button to add a file.

This method is relevant not only for the considered Google Chrome, but also for Microsoft EDGE, Opera and Yandex.

To download the video, we need to log in to the account using the browser, the standard way without emulation. Next, by clicking on the Profile tab, we will see the "IGTV" button.

Click on the "Download" button and perform the necessary steps to publish.

Extension for browser

A similar variant described above, but with a little different by execution. We will need to set the expansion into the Chrome browser.

After installation, activate the expansion and enter the account.

Our application will be displayed in a separate window, simulating the mobile device screen.

Using emulators applications

To add photo / video, you can use the individual applying emulator. The meaning of his work in creating a copy of the equipment and its program code, which allows you to run mobile applications on a personal computer.

NOX App Player.

Download and install the program, we need a Gmail account. You can download Instagram using a separate file APK by adding it a special button with the right pane. Or go to the App Center page and add an application from Google Play.

After installing Instagram, an application icon will appear. Go to your account. The interface familiar to the mobile device.

The next step we need to configure the path to add files. To do this, click on the gear icon in the main window, in the settings tab, we put a tick at the Ruth item.

The application will request a reboot, after restarting, we can only drag the desired files in the gallery window.

This emulator can be installed both on Windows and on the Mac OS system.


BlueStacks - another popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS. The principle of operation is similar to the NOx emulator discussed earlier. By installing the program, we need to download Instagram from Google Play, after which the application icon will appear in the main window.

Select files for download and drag them into the gallery window, then perform steps to publish.

Using SMM services

We will not bypass the party and business owners associated with the business. Whether it is a blogger or shop, posting posts is important at certain intervals when subscribers are most high. This will help us online services with the possibility of postponed posting photos / video.

Smm Planner

This service allows you to download posts into several accounts at the same time, lay out posts with a specified time and has a convenient tool. By registering on the service page, we need to tie an instagram account. To do this, click on the "Account" button on the left side of the screen and in the opening tab you connect it.

Next, go to the "Posts - Plan Schedule" tab and add the necessary file from the repository.

We specify all the parameters you need for publications and click "OK".

In this way, you can publish a video / photo in several of your social networks without spending a lot of time. This service has a free trial period, and a lot of effort will be needed to quickly understand the interface.


We register on the page and add an account. The interface is minimalistic, for beginners there is a small trial period.

After completing these steps, a window with a profile appears before us. The number of buttons is minimal, it is possible to view the subscription tape and its publications.

You can add several publications at once, as well as edit the displayed post area. At the final stage, it is possible to task the publication, descriptions and geolocation time.

Also on the service page, you can find the "Direct" tabs for communication and "analyst", which in turn allows you to monitor the activity and growth of subscribers, saving a lot of time.

4 ways how to upload photos in instagram from a computer

Update: September 3, 2020

A long time ago Instagram decided to give users the opportunity to upload and publish photos from a PC. Then the news quickly separated over the network, but at the same time the cherished button with the image of the camera from most did not appear. And the reason for the truth is not clear, many say that the update will appear in us after a while.

We decided not to wait and share several ways to upload photos in instagram from a computer. Download options for both third-party programs and without programs are available.

Method 1: Manual method through a browser

Here is the instruction for the Google Chrome browser, in other browsers everything is done in the same way.

  1. Log in in the desktop version of Instagram.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Next, click on the Toggle Device Toolbar - the button located at the top of the panel (seen in the screenshot). The Instagram page will go into your usual mobile viewing mode, and the button (Toggle Device Toolbar) itself will be highlighted in blue. Upload photos to instagram with PC
  4. If you are all done correctly, but the cherished button download photo does not appear, just reboot the page by clicking on the F5 key.
  5. Click on the icon and choose for download any photo from PC. It remains only to choose a photo and post it. Mobile type of Instagram with PC

To use all Instagram functions unfortunately will not work. In the PC version there is no possibility to edit the photo, adjust the filters, plus, you can not download the video. Otherwise, everything works exactly as in the mobile version.

Method 2: Services for promotion Instagram accounts

Most of the modern services to promote instagram allows you to download content, watch messages in Direct and make many other activities. All of them are paid, but you kill two hares in one dollar: and promote the account and post the content :)

Popular Tooligram 2.0 is one of the most functional services. Here is the possibility of publishing posts, Stories by timer, with filters.

In addition, the service can collect the target audience. To fulfill mass subscriptions, unsubsions and huskies, receive comments from live accounts. In response, users subscribe, growing the number of activities in your profile.

Method 3: Publication Planning via SMMPLANNER


This method is very convenient for regular installation instagram and allows you to upload posts, stories and video from a computer. 100 publications per month can be done free! Cloud service, nothing needs to be installed. We register and start working. Of course, you will spend 10-20 minutes to familiarize yourself with the functionality, but this time will reappear.

In smmplanner you can:

  • Edit and apply filters on the photo when loading
  • At the same time, post the content in several social networks or accounts
  • Set the schedule and schedule posts for many days ahead
  • Set the timer to remove content (suitable for promotional posts)

You need to register with the SMMPLANNER service, attach your Instagram account and add publications through the "Posts" section. Detailed instructions and promotion is located in this SMMPLANNER review.

P.S. In my opinion this is the only way to upload Stories in instagram from a computer.

Adding a photo in Instagram via smmplanner

Method 4: Special Services

On the wave of problems with the lack of ability to add photos from a computer in Instagram, several specialized programs and services appeared. I recommend method 2 with SMMPLANNER, as the menu items are functional and convenient to work.

Instmsk - Russian-language online service. We register and you can work. Very unpleasant interface, service has not been updated for a long time. Of the advantages: you can massively upload photos, video.

Gramblr. (stopped his work) - A program that is installed on your computer (is on Mac and Windows) and allows you to download photos in instagram. Version in english. Available editing and overlay filters, no more special features.

An interesting option is the extension "Desktop for Instagram", which is added to Google Chrome.

Bonus way: Content Manager

You can instruct all the work on how to fill your instagram account of the Content Manager. It will pick up photos, combine a single style ribbon and write posts. Previously, it can be coordinated to the technical task and discuss all the nuances.

Where to find a content manager to publish posts?

  • Gocontent - Special service to work with content managers.
  •, such as or Potter
  • Search among REDSMM graduates is a school that is engaged in training administrators Instagram. You can start here, at the end of the site there are contact telegrams to search for an admin.

It is worth remembering that instagram is first of all this application for photos. The social network policy in this is that it is possible to place content and only you need from mobile devices. In order to make publications on a computer, you need to "make thinking" instagram that our computer is a mobile gadget, this will be discussed in the article.

Mobile device emulation in the browser

Add photo to instagram from a computer or laptop, attach Stories and unloaded the created video in the tape allowing web browsers: Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera. For some, it is enough to download the extension, while others are allowed to use special widgets and buttons to call the development menu.

About how to install instagram on a computer read in the article

Upload photos to instagram using Vivaldi browser

While competitors offer to choose extensions and plugins and experiment with the "View code" tool call to access Instagram, Vivaldi browser developers diligently develop the "side panel" decorated in the form of a widget occupying the left part of the interface.

Messengers and translators, social networking ribbons and frequently visited resources are added there. Instagram in the side panel is fully fully: allows you to add a video, lay out a photo, look into the Direct or in the "recommended", and write a couple of new comments under the posts of friends in the ribbon.

Vivaldi browser with instagram panel

No settings and additional actions: just call the panel, and after (left) click on the Instagram icon.

Services for quick dialing subscribers

LIKEINSTA - the service allows you to quickly turn live subscribers for a small fee.

ZenGram is a powerful tool for promoting an instagram account, puts like, watching Storsis, sends welcome messages. Promocode Instaservis_Zeng.

Jesica Bot - Try a secure innovative application to promote instagram account

F12 key in browsers

The developer mode in browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) allows you to emulate a mobile device in the browser and display buttons for downloading photos. By default, the developer mode is called using the F12 key or through the "View Code" key in the context menu when clicking on the right mouse page.

Enable developer mode with right mouse button
Enable developer mode with right mouse button

Regardless of the selected action scenario in the interface that appears, you must immediately contact the quick access panel from above.

Switch from the computer version of the site to mobile

The page design will be changed (to adjust the width and height of the interface will help special templates adapted to Apple and Samsung technique), but add a new Instagram publication will not be allowed. First you need to click on F5 to update the social network state.

After rebooting at the bottom of the web page there will be a quick access panel with a search, a plus card icon and a section with likes, and at the same time with the results of recent activity.

Control and loading elements

Now to download the video to or publish the photo Instagram, you can use the usual buttons.

LIKEINSTA Likes and Comments Wikium - more than 40 game simulators

Extension for the USER-Agent Switcher for Chrome browser

Specialists from Google diligently support beginner developers, testers and enthusiasts. And the User-Agent Switcher plugin is superfluous: after adding a new tool in Chrome, access to the emulation of the Android operating system will appear and the ability to launch mobile exclusives directly in the browser.

User Agent Switcher

Instagram is also supported, but only partially: publish the photo expansion will be allowed, but with the rest there will be problems - the same Stories will not be published due to problems with "incorrectly selected screen orientation." And it is impossible to choose the appropriate option for unknown reasons.

Plugins for browsers

Post photos and videos in the ribbon in browsers allow even the developer panel. But due to the confusing procedure, sometimes it is sometimes faster to use special plugins that add the ability to interact with Instagram in full-length mode and almost without restrictions.

Extension Web Instagram

Web Instagram.

Notorly plugin for Google Chrome Web Instagram, activating a tab with a web version of the Instagram Social Network in the browser. Offers posting posts, download Stories, communicate with subscribers in Direct, exchange comments and follow the activity of friends. Compared to versions for iOS and Android offers a number of innovations, like a dark theme and buttons to load content from the network to the hard disk.

The only lack of expansion is a periodically arising message about the problems with the support of equipment. It is solved by the standard CHROME reboot.

Instagram PC Lite.

Instagram PC Lite.

The instagram PC Lite extension is designed specifically for the Mozilla Firefox browser and is largely like a competitor - "Web Instagram". The functionality is the same - to upload photos or videos, to watch the tape, leave comments, use the built-in editor to publish IGTV-content and Stories.

There are few problems with extension, but the interface is too "wide" and hardly placed in the browser interface due to which it is often necessary to move on the quick access panel from top to bottom and right to left.

TaskPay - Earn online

For Opera

Although the developers have transferred the Opera browser on the Blink engine used in Chrome and the same Microsoft Edge, with support for thematic extensions from the Owner's official store, problems still have - half tools do not start, and the second turns interaction with Instagram in torture due to the strange interface.

Opera browser with side panel Instagram

But in Opera, like Vivaldi, allowing to circumvent restrictions and use the sidebar. Instagram functionality will remain complete, and the interface is adapted to the mobile OS, and so to post a photo in instagram through the computer using the operator's browser, even get used to the additional buttons.

Download the opera browser, install it on your laptop or computer and start making publications, and even upload stories with music.


Upload video to instagram through the computer allow plugins for the browser and the developers panel. But not everywhere else is the full functionality Instagram, and sometimes there are problems with the performance and display of some buttons. An alternative to browsers - emulators that are enough to download on a computer and place photos in instagram can be as on the usual smartphone.


The productive emulator of the Android operating system, focused mainly on providing access to mobile exclusives and blockbusters.


The LDPlayer emulator is performed, it provides the ability to choose an Android version for emulation, supports multi-solo mode and authorization via Google account (a pair of moments and information is automatically synchronized).

Download LDPlayer.


The most discerning emulator, which has long been in the market and continuously developing. Equipped with a whole collection of embedded stores with applications, allows you to freely interact with the social network Instagram: Publish Content, contact Direct, leave comments.


It offers a familiar interface borrowed from mobile operating systems (each button is located as on Android). There will be no problem with the preparation of new materials, nor with the addition of description, hashtegov and the addition of labels on friends or subscribers. The problem of BlueStacks is only a strong load on the PC: a powerful central processor and a lot of RAM will be required.

Download BlueStacks.


NOX App Player - a universal tool for those who will not wait to look into the world of the mobile gaming industry, and at the same time to appreciate the contribution of developers to customers of social networks (including Instagram) and graphic editors.


The emulator submitted to the BIGNOX website allows you to add content to social networks, communicate in messenger and in every way to communicate with the world around.

Download BIGNOX.

Services for download Photo in Instagram

The emulators of the mobile operating system android and plug-ins in the browser are not the only ways to promote accounts in the Instagram social network. Fill the ribbon content and communicate with subscribers and thematic services or how they are called marketers of postponed posting services.

Creator Studio.

The official service from Facebook, designed to facilitate interaction with Instagram and unlock a number of new features aimed at those who decided to seriously focus on social advancing.

Creator Studio.

Creator Studio is a service from the category "Business", designed in the form of a scheduler supporting the technology of postponed publications, and at the same time equipped with a section with statistics and a special "analyzer" of recent activity (views, husky, comments, the dynamics of the expansion of information coverage).

It is possible to publish and edit rollers (including for the IGTV section), and no one bothers to add a description, choose a location or insert hashtegi.

Interface Creator Studio.

Before using Creator Studio, a business account on Facebook has to be registered, and after - agree with the requirements and rules of the service.

Go to Creator Studio

LIKEINSTA Likes and Comments


The time-tested alternative to Creator Studio, intended for social promotion of accounts in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Telegram.


SMMPLANNER - In addition to flexible settings, tips for beginners, recommendations for the maintenance of a personal page, suggests a section with postponed posting, where new posts are drawn up and content is added. Additionally, it is possible to flip the tape with comments and correspond through Direct.

The shortcomings of SMMPLANNER are connected only with the presence of a subscription: a trial period with 10 postponed posts and personal account with statistics, available within 7 days. After you have to choose the initial, professional or calculated entrepreneurs or businessmen set. The cost varies from 450 to 7500 rubles per month.

SMMPLANNER interface

For small businesses and small accounts, SMMPLANNER has the opportunity to get 100 free posts per month. To do this, you need to subscribe to their social networks.

To get not 7, and 15 days of the maximum tariff, when registering, use promotion Instaservis_pro.

Go to smmplanner



Onlypult is an information and entertainment platform offering social promotion tools, publishing content in messengers and on the pages of social networks, and corporate interaction settings.

In addition to filling the news feed, the developers are allowed to delegate responsibilities and customize the rights of access and employee hierarchy, and also to be inspired by other people's materials (to follow competitors it is useful, and with detailed statistics also easily) and seek for help from the built-in graphic editor.

OnlyPult service is paid and suitable for commercial accounts to get a 10% discount on the first payment you need to follow the link

InStahero - Cleaning from bots

Programs for download photos in instagram from a computer

Constantly keep open tabs in the browser to view the news, preparation of new materials or publishing photos in Instagram is inconvenient: it is necessary to switch and look for suitable buttons in the interface. Therefore, third-party developers are offered to leave Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera alone and switch to special tools for the Microsoft operating system.

App for Instagram: view, upload photo windows 10

Unofficial client of the social network Instagram, submitted to the Microsoft EDGE store and intended for downloading photos and videos in the tape, viewing news, add comments and access to Direct and Stories. The program of the Windows 10 operating system is supported (and also partially available on the Xbox One), it starts in the configurable size window and offers similar to the emulators to interact with the functionality.

App For Instagram Program
App For Instagram Program

Can I find and install the program from the Mirosofr Stor application? which is in all versions of Windows 10

BossLike - free cheating


Multifunctional software package, formally intended to promote pages in the Instagram social network.


Allows you to wind subscribers, expand information coverage, configure automatic posting, analyze competitors' content and automate part of routine actions, including the selection of hashtegov and EMDZI.

SocialKit service is distributed on a subscription worth 29 rubles per day. The amount is fixed and does not depend on how many accounts are progressing, or how much time has to spend on setting up postponed posting or processing photos or videos before adding to the tape.

Footprints "Cheats" SocialKit specialists permits to hide in every way - there is a spam blocking (if a promotion model is selected through mass subscriptions and views), an analysis of activity for protection against exceeding statistical indicators.

Download program - SocialKit


SOctool - tool for Instagram, newly focused on the promotion of accounts and pages.


It offers to "spy" for competitors, analyze the effectiveness of recent actions, collect traffic, customize templates for communication with subscribers and choose options for auto access.

The SOctool service is distributed on the subscription: a trial period - 3 days (suitable for testing the functional), and then the Optimal or Pro sets will be connected. In the latter case, access to courses, cases and promotion strategies, and the payment will become one-time (8000 rubles).

Download program - SOCTOOL

Popular questions

Share a photo in instagram from a computer allow planners, emulators, social promotion services and even browsers with plugins and widgets. But besides information on how to send photos and videos to the social network, you need to know how to edit posts and clean the tape, whether restrictions are provided for the publication and will there be any problems with excessive activity.

How to add a few photos to instagram from a computer

If you need to fill the tape with new publications, it is enough to select a suitable tool, and after - to continuously repeat the procedure for adding content through the "plusion", located on the shortcut panel. If we are talking about the desire to combine similar on topics, mood or design materials into a single post, then it is necessary to use a special button in the built-in graphic editor Instagram.

Add a few pictures in one post
Add a few pictures in one post

Up to 10 elements are placed in the publication - photographs or videos - at a time. If the materials are even more, the publication will have to be divided into parts. How to place a few photos in history read here.

How to Delete Post in Instagram from Computer

Clear profile from accumulated photos Allows even a browser with a started developer panel through the F12 key. It is enough to find in the upper right corner the context menu that is hidden behind the trout, and after - select "Delete" item.

Delete a photo from instagram on a computer

How to edit post in instagram from computer

Change already published materials are allowed not all the tools listed above. The same developer panel provides an opportunity only to clean the tape. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help or to emulators, or to SMM planners with a built-in editor.

How to schedule post in "Instagram" from a computer

The social network officially does not support postponed posting technology and does not propose in the settings, nor in the news feed distribute Content for days and hours. Enhance Instagram features to be used using thematic planners, like SMMPLANNER or Creator Studio from Facebook. After the authorization has passed, a chance will have a chance to choose when and in what format add photos and videos, what tags attach and whether to limit the viewing optional privacy parameters. Listed functions for the most part are available even without issuing subscriptions and make payments.

How many photos can be added to instagram per day

Instagram's social network rules formally do not limit the creative portions of users and do not prohibit publish hundreds of photos and videos daily. But from the point of view of promotion and expanding information coverage, excessive activity will only bring harm.

The problems will arise with a loyal audience, hardly able to withstand the continuous stream of content, and with the social network algorithms: Instagram will try to protect the news feed and hobs extra publications from potential spectators, and therefore the forces spent will remain unnoticed (the famous "shadow bank").

Rare case - program restrictions imposed on access to some functions. When trying to put a record of social activity sometimes a message appears: "The action is blocked, try later."

Therefore, experts (and bloggers) recommend not exceeding a reasonable bar at 5-10 posts per hour and at 30-50 per day. Increasing additional volumes is recommended only if the statistics of the products, likes and comments change in a positive side, and not standing still.

How to place in Instagram photos in full

Vertically elongated photos. The editor of the social network Instagram is not trying to adapt under the news feed automatically, but cuts up on top and bottom and publishes in a more "square" format. Return sources The original size is easy: it suffices to use a special button located on the quick access panel of the embedded graphic editor. Photos will be pulled out and appear in the ribbon in its original form.

Place the picture in full

Total: Briefly about the main

Despite the restrictions put forward by Instagram developers to users visiting the social network not from mobile operating systems, and from the computer, to lead the ribbon, view the Direct and communicate in the comments are quite real and without smartphones with tablets at hand.

It is necessary to deal with what social tool to use.

Options abound:

  • Emulators - are flexibly configured, productive and offer similar to mobile operating systems. User experience, but strongly load the system and sometimes it is not free to load on netbooks due to high system requirements;
  • Plugins - the browser plugins sometimes incorrectly display the content and "travel" throughout the web page, which accounts for a long time to search for suitable buttons on the screen;
  • Planners - Scheduler services, if not to take into Creator Studio, costs too expensive - subscription for 450, 600 or even 1000 rubles hardly need to unload a couple of photos to the network for the week;
  • Programs - The programs are sometimes not supported by some versions of operating systems, but do not require unnecessary settings - it is enough to log in enough.

The choice always comes from tasks and goals: everywhere there are advantages, and cons. And what do you choose to download photos and video in instagram from a computer? Write in the comments.

BossLike - free cheating

Instagram mobile application initially does not imply active actions on a PC, but agree there is a lot of situations when it is extremely necessary , in this case, how to add Photo in Instagram. via computer or write to direct? Can cope with this problem possible, and you can easily update your tape and respond to comments. This will favoraly affect Rose subscribers и The number of Lykov .

In April 2020 instagram, finally, heard the aspirations of users and added Direct to the PC version.

You know how to handle pictures in photoshop, and maybe Old photos from a home archive, Or digitized video, print long signatures to posts? These are not all the reasons that make the mobile phone make and seriously think about Posting from a computer.

We choose the methods
We choose the methods

Add photos to instagram through your computer

You can send a photo or video from a computer to the phone, Save and then publish . However, it is too tiring and not convenient. You can use third-party sites of postponed posting, such as Smmplanner or RobopoSting. , but this will partly facilitate your work, In fact, you will still use a mobile phone .

How to add a photo in instagram through a computer

Two points to the note:

  • Instagram strongly recommends downloading photos from the phone for your safety. The fact is that Instagram records the source through which you come in social network. If it is more than one computer and the phone, check will be requested, And suddenly it is not you.
  • Some extensions are asked to enter personal data for the entrance.

We publish a photo in Instagram through a PC browser

When you download the web version of Instagram, in fact you get a cropped version. Of course you have access to Instagram, but these are limited actions : You can not post the photo, correspond in direct and so on. maybe Only comment Other posts and browsing Stories.

true You can "convince" instagram that you went from mobile.

Open Instagram on your computer and press the button (F12 for Chrome and Yandex), (for Mozilla Ctrl + SHIFT + K) . It depends on what browser you have will appear the developer panel, then you need to click on the mobile version icon. Now you use a mobile version Web-Instagram. .

When switching modes, update the page.

Despite the relative simplicity of this method there are disadvantages:

  • It is impossible Use filters
  • It is impossible Create several photos in one publication. Only one photo - one post
  • It is impossible Mark someone in the photo, in the Comment field - please
  • It is impossible Edit the text of the signature by post after the publication, for this you need to open Instagram mobile.

Second way - Using official applications For computer from instagram. Download and familiarize yourself with the installation instructions On the official fan site Instagram .

There is a nuance. "Function Download images From the local storage of a computer in the stationary client instagram is missing. The user can take photos for an avatar profile or storm with using webcam help ".

With a small reservation, this option is possible only on Windows 10. without Operating updates nothing will work.

Download the official app Instagram from Microsoft Store . Install him I. Come in your account. Externally, the application repeats exactly the mobile version of Instagram, so the interface Intuitively understood . On any other operating system, this method will not work, and it will be better to use the emulator.

Personally, it turned out to be much more convenient for me to work in the browser via F12.

How to write in direct instagram from a computer

Emulator installs you on a computer A copy of the operating system By downloading which you get access to Instagram account. Working with instagram on a PC with an emulator is exactly similar to the mobile version. You can also post the photo, leave comments, write to the directory, while the system will perceive it as access to the account from the mobile phone.

Emulator Comfortable thing, with it you can delete photos.

The problem is quite significant. If in the mobile version you can click on three vertical points in the photo and delete, then the browser will not repeat this move. Foot when installing an emulator you can download Series of photo in one post edit or even Delete his.

BlueStacks. - Android emulator. After installation, you can easily run not only instagram, but also other mobile applications. Using BlueStacks. can not only post, but also Delete photos From your tape. The only minus is the owners of Macintosh to run this emulator will not be able.

Exposing a photo in Instagram through a computer using online services

This is the extreme case of posting with PC. Service services, most often paid, besides, this is not the best option to transfer very personal information.

Take advantage of some of them:

  • Idirect.
  • Okogram
  • DirectBulkSender.

Services are simple and understood, add some advantages in comparison with the mobile version (printing a comment on the keyboard is more convenient), the interface is intuitively understood.

Working in instagram from the computer is very convenient. You can handle photos for publication in professional photo edits, quickly respond to questions. Conduct massolloving and mass chill with PC easier and faster.

High-quality cheating services, without an unsubsion with a guarantee:

How to add a photo in instagram through a computer

Why do you need to upload photos and video in instagram on a computer?

Instagram came up with you to quickly upload photos from the phone. You click your scrambled eggs and immediately, without leaving the kitchen, you can add a photo and tell all the world about your breakfast, download the post not including a computer. Maybe not the whole world, but its 69 subscribers. But gradually instagram became a social network-competitor for Facebook and Vkontakte. Facebook even focused on time and bought instagram.

In 2021, instagram not only loaded and lay out the photo, but also lead microblogs, sell everything in the world, and even the largest brands have headed the account. Often you need to enter Instagram from the computer, add a photo, download the video, lay out the post and answer the comments, write a message to the Direct and follow the subscribers through the computer. For many instagram - not just entertainment, but also work!

This article will be information for both newcomers (about the online version of Instagram) and advanced simplists (online services for downloading photos and video in instagram, messages in the Direct - incl. FREE)

Read on:

  • Login to Instagram from a computer, registration, log in to your profile (online version)
  • How to download Instagram on a computer for free in Russian (mobile version and application (program) for Windows 10), go to the direct and read messages through the computer
  • How to add a photo and video in instagram online for free (+ postponed posting when you need to download posts immediately for a month )

Log in Instagram through a computer (in Russian)

The easiest way to see someone's profile on instagram from a computer through the official online version of 👉 (it will immediately be in Russian). Any account you can watch without registration. And if you want to see your ribbon, you need to go to instagram with your login. If you do not have an account, then on the first page you can register.

In the online version of instagram from the computer, you can like, comment, watch notifications and change profile settings, watch stories. But there are no statistics for business accounts and direct (personal messages).

Only in the online version after entering your account you can temporarily block it. Through an instagram application on the phone it is impossible to do this.

Download Instagram application for computer

Official Instagram application for computer on Windows 10

Download Instagram on a computer for free in Russian for Windows 10

An instagram version for a computer appeared. You can download for free, there is a version in Russian. So far only for Windows 10.

👉 Download Instagram for a computer for free (in Russian )

In this version there are almost everything as in the application for smartphones:

  • Storsis (Stories, Stories)
  • Live
  • Comments
  • Direct (private messages) from a computer
  • Likes and subscriptions
  • Profile settings
  • Statistics for Business Accounts * and Author Accounts

* Business account we advise you to start to all who have more than 1000 subscribers. You do not need something to sell subscribers. But in the future you can sell advertising in your account and business account statistics will be useful.

Android and iOS emulators

The emulator is a virtual smartphone on your computer. A special program that can be installed on a computer to test applications on different smartphones (Android, iOS). It is convenient because all the features of the Instagram application appear, which are not in the web version (Direct - private messages, and direct ether).

👉 Download online emulator Nox App Player in Russian

Download the file to install the program, run on the computer. Then you install an instagram application to your virtual smartphone (via Play Market, you need mail to Gmail). All! You can publish posts, upload photos and videos, watching tape, write messages to direct and even remove your account if you get tired of all at the end.

And you can upload Photos and videos, send messages to the directo from a computer without emulator ? Yes! With the help of services that are further. They are very comfortable for bloggers and smashing, online stores. With the help of the online service, you can plan posts, track all comments and messages in Direct Instagram from a computer.

How to add a photo in instagram from a computer for free

To lay out a photo or video in Instagram, use the services:



In this service, you can also add a photo or video in instagram from a computer, schedule a convenient time to publish the post. For example, you want to add a photo / video at 8:00, when everyone goes to the subway and watch tape instagram. But at this time you still sleep (because you are freelance and made work for the customer to 4 o'clock in the morning). And with the help of this service you can post a post in instagram at a convenient time for your subscribers (and potential customers). When this time is to understand if you make instagram statistics.

How to upload photos in Instagum from a computer

You can download photos and videos to one or more accounts in instagram from a computer, process filters, manage multiple accounts at the same time, give access to the publication of assistants.

With this service, you can make postponed posts and storage from the computer not only in Instagram, but also to other social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, classmates, Twitter, etc.)

Download rates

  • Add up to 100 postponed posts Instagram per month - free (50 at once + 50 for subscribing to public public messages in VK and FB) - this is enough for the eyes, if you have one or two accounts.
  • Download +50 posts - 49 rubles. (discounts for more posts)
  • lay out video - 300 rub. / 31 days

Using SMMPLANNER you can add up to 100 publications with a photo in Instagram from a computer online per month. But video and stories can only be loaded. There is basic photo processing and instagram filters.



If you use Massfolong, then you will receive in this service Free bonus Also auto accessing (download photo and video in instagram from a computer). Instructions for setting up video below. There are five free days to try.

What is in auto access Instaplus:

  1. Photo editor. You can cut, change brightness, add an inscription, etc. There are even stickers.
  2. Description in the photo. There are smiles, there are hints, how many characters left and hashtegov left, do not need to independently count.
  3. Geolocation.
  4. The date of publication can be specified any or published immediately.
  5. Want to add a photo not one, but you can immediately make several posts. At the same time, the description can be separate to each, and you can immediately general description under all photos.
  6. Post out of several photos and videos. All functionality as in the instagram itself.


  • Test period 5 days - free
  • 399 rub. - 1 account for 30 days or 5 accounts for 7 days
  • 1199 rub. - 5 accounts for 30 days
  • 1699 rub. - 5 accounts for 60 days

All tariffs include and publish a photo from a computer online, and massflowing.

Total to add a photo and video in instagram from the computer you have three options:

  • Download application Instagram on your computer (free, but only Windows 10)
  • Download emulator to a computer (free, but you need to first install an emulator on the computer, and then instagram; plus the emulator can slow down if you do not have a very powerful computer)
  • Take advantage of online services to download posts in instagram from a computer - Instaplus, (the most convenient way, you can download many publications at once, plan the time when they appear in your account).

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer

Some users make photos from the phone, and then processed them on the computer, respectively, it is more convenient to load a photo in instagram through a PC. For this there are several ways at once, consider them.

Through browser

Browser version of the social network Instagram is not intended to download photos. Through it, you can search for people and follow their publications, as well as manage your profile. However, there is a way to add a photo to instagram from a computer through a browser.

These web browsers are similar, as they work on one engine, they have a similar interface and functionality. Consider detailed instructions for each of them.

For Yandex.Browser:

  1. Open
  2. Log in On the site using your username and password, or enter through social networks.
  3. Right-click anywhere .
  4. Choose "Explore the element" .
  5. Click on mobile device icon In the upper left corner and set the settings, as in the screenshot.
  6. Update the page key F5 without closing the console.
  7. After that button will appear "Share photos" .
  8. Click on it and Select an image on the computer.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Go to and Log in .
  2. Click on scratch right-click and select "View code" .
  3. Click on mobile device icon Left from above.
  4. Set up settings like on screenshots.
  5. Update page Through the F5 button, without closing the console.
  6. Click on the button Loading images and select a photo on a computer for publication.


Browser Opera.

This browser is slightly different from the previous ones over the interface and functionality. In order to publish photos in insts through it, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to account.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the page and select "View the item code" or press the key combination Ctrl + SHIFT + C .
  4. Click on mobile device icon , It is located in the upper left corner of the console.
  5. Set the parameters like on screenshots.
  6. Check page update key F5. .
  7. Click on the button Publications of photo And select the image on the computer.

Through bluestacks

This program is one of the best android emulators for windows. Through it, you can install the mobile client instagram on the PC and make publications. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Download and install bluestacks on a computer. Step-by-step instruction
  2. How to register instagram through bluestacks instruction here
  3. Click "Open" in bluestacks.
  4. Click on "To come in" .
  5. Log in In instagram.
  6. Click on the button Loading publications.
  7. Click on the "+" icon.
  8. Choose "Gallery" .
  9. Top moving on top "Other" .
  10. Tap by "Choose from Windows" .
  11. Select an image on the computer.

How to add a photo through Instmsk

Instmsk - service for downloading publications in instagram, to use it is very simple:

  1. For starters need Authorize using the account on the social network.
  2. On the menu, select "Profile" .
  3. Right, sub "My accounts" Click on the button "Add Account" .
  4. Specify the data from the Instagram account.
  5. After that, in the top menu, go to "Upload Image" And pour your publications.


This is a desktop program for downloading a photo and video in instagram from a computer. It is not difficult to use it:

  1. First download applications and run it
  2. Create Account To do this, specify the email and password, as well as data from Instagram profile.
  3. Click on the download button Publications and select the desired file on the computer.
  4. Adjust it Install filters.
  5. Finish the design I. Publish photo .

Delayed posting

Also for downloading photos from the computer you can use a postponed posting. It is provided with a large number of different services, most of them are paid, but there are several and free. Read more in this article:

Delayed posting in instagram

Now you know all ways to lay out a photo in instagram from a computer using services and applications. To do this, make some simple actions.

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer - 5 ways

In this article, I will show how to add a photo in instagram from a computer. We will consider all possible ways: developer mode, expansion, emulator, online services and programs.

How to add a photo in instagram from a computer

Instagram is an application for a smartphone. And it was assumed that people would use it only on mobile devices. Therefore, the web version of Instagram is not like on the phone. It can be opened from the computer, but the photos cannot be downloaded through it.

But there are several ways to get around the restrictions of the web version. The fastest is to open a browser in the developer mode. But it is not very convenient and other options are more suitable for frequent work: extensions, online services or programs.

Methods for downloading photo in instagram from a computer

pros Minuses
1. Developer mode ✔ quickly ✔ without downloading programs ✘ Uncomfortable ✘ Functions of the social network cut off (no direct)
2. Browser extension ✔ quickly ✔ comfortable ✘ You need to download / install the plugin ✘ The function of the social network is cut off (no direct)
3. Android emulator ✔ All functions of Instagram are available (including Direct) ✘ Requires setting and setting the emulator
4. Online service ✔ Convenient ✔ without downloading programs ✘ unsafe ✘ works with interruptions ✘ no most functions
5. Windows program ✔ Comfortable ✘ You need to download the program and register ✘ No most functions

Method 1: Developer Mode

The developer mode is the fastest way to upload a photo in an instramp from a computer without an application. Principle Next:

  • Open the developer mode
  • Click on the web translation icon in the mobile version
  • We update the page, after which a button for downloading photos appears.
  • Click on the button and download pictures

This method is likely to browsers Google Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser or Opera

1. Open the official website

2. Click "Login" downstairs to the right and enter data from your page.

3. Right-click inside the site and select "View Code" (explore the item).

4. The right side of the screen will display the site code. Click on the icon .

The page will take a mobile view. Update it: To do this, click inside the instagram right-click and select Restart. Or you can press the F5 key on the keyboard.

At the top, in the Responsive part, you can select a device for display (for example, iPhone X).

5. After updating the page, the buttons from the mobile version of the site will appear. To download the photo click on .

Pops up the file add file. Open the desired photo through it.

To the photo you can apply the filter, mark the location and users, sign the publication. But you can not do this, but just click "Next" and "Share."

That's all! Just you made a post in instagram. You can add several photos in the same way.

Microsoft EDGE and Internet Explorer

1. Go to and log in with the "Login" link (bottom right).

2. Right-click on the page and select "Check the Element".

3. Click on the button And select "Emulation".

4. In the "Browser Profile" section, select "Windows Phone".

5. Press the button To add a photo.

And then everything is like in the instructions for other browsers: Open the desired photo and publish it through the window.

Method 2: Extension for the browser

Expansion (Supplement, plugin) is a special rider that is installed in the browser and helps solve certain tasks. In the case of instagram, such a program helps to upload a photo from a computer.

Unlike the first way, via the extension lay out the pictures more convenient. It will be suitable if you plan to regularly use social network through PC.

We will look at two extensions:

  1. User Agent Swither.
  2. Download with Instagram (+ download photos)

The first addition is universal - it can be installed in the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. The plugin simply switches the site to the mobile version and thus adds the download button.

The second extension is only for chromium. You can add files through it and download them, including from other pages.

User Agent Swither.

Google Chrome. . Come on the link and install the expansion. Immediately after this, a button appears at the top of the browser. .

To upload a photo, log in to the profile on, click on the button. And select Android -> Android Kitkat.

Yandex browser or Opera. . Add an extension by reference, after which the button appears At the top of the program. Next you need to enter my page in Instagram, click and choose from the IOS list -> iPhone (below).

Mozilla Firefox. . Add an extension to the browser by reference. After installation, we enter your page, click on the button At the top of the browser and choose Android Phone -> Chrome. Then restart the page by pressing the F5 on the keyboard.

The site will be loaded in a mobile form, where there will be a button for adding a photo. Click on it, select the file from the window and post on your page.

Download with Instagram (+ download photos)

Download with Instagram (+ download photos) - This is an extension for Google Chrome. It adds to the site to download and download the photo.

How to install:

  1. Switch by reference.
  2. Add a plugin to the browser: "Set" button -> "Install Extension".
  3. We enter your page on

At the top of the profile, new buttons will appear to download and download photos. Bingo!

Method 3: Android emulator

Android emulator - This is a program for a computer (laptop) that simulates the work of the smartphone. In fact, you get a phone with the Android system on your PC and can use all applications and games.

This means that you can install a full version of Instagram and use it as well as on the phone. Including add photos from a computer.

How to add a photo in instagram from a computer via emulator

To enjoy it in the emulator, you first need to install the NoxPlayer on the computer. Then open it and add an Instagram application inside. Well, after that you can use social network just like on the phone. Including download photos and video without loss of quality.

Now I will show how to do it. Start from installing and setting the emulator. This procedure must be performed only once.

How to install and configure emulator:

1. Go to and download the emulator.

2. Open the file received and install the program.

Usually the downloaded file is located in the "Download" folder. Installation Standard: Click "Set" and wait for the end of the process.

3. Run the NOX emulator and go to the main page (Home button - downstairs).

If Android 7 is written at the top of the program and above, go directly to paragraph 8.

4. Close the program and run Multi-Drive. The starting icon is on the desktop or start.

5. Remove the emulator from the list by clicking on the basket icon.

6. Click the Add Emulator button (bottom) and select Android 7 or above.

Then wait until it fully loads / unlock, and close the program.

7. Open the NOX from the desktop or start and go to the main one.

8. Click the Google folder and open the Play Market.

9. Follow the entrance to your Google Account.

ten . Then on the main page, open Google -> Play Market. In the search string type Instagram. and select the application.

eleven . Click "Set" and expect the process end.

12 . Navigate to the main (home) and click on the computer icon on the right side. In the window with a question about root-right, click Install.

thirteen . In the settings window, put the bird on the "root" and save the changes.

If a small window appears asking for a reboot, click "Reload". The program closes and after a couple of seconds it will start again.

Installation and setting of the emulator must be performed only once. And then just open instagram in it and use.

How to add a photo from a computer via emulator:

1. Drag a photo from the computer folder to the emulator.

2. In the appeared window, in the part of the image file, click on "Open PC folder".

3. Another window will open (folder). It will have a copied photo. Close all unnecessary windows - leave only the main page of the emulator.

4. Run the Instagram application from the main page and log in to your instagram via the "Log In" link.

5. Click on the Add photo button at the bottom of the application.

6. Select a photo and publish it.

In this way, you can add photos from a computer to Instagram. In addition, this method allows you to use all the functions of the application - in the same way as on the usual mobile phone.

On a note . In this article, I showed how to use the NoxPlayer emulator. This is not the only program of this kind - there are still bluestacks. But in the latest version of BlueStacks there are no shared folders with a computer. And, it means, to download photos you will have to use third-party expansion, which is not very convenient.

Method 4: Online Services

Online services - These are special sites that help publish entagram records. You go to such a website, enter your login / password from the insta and get a more advanced functionality for posting posts.

Important to remember ! Online service is an third-party resource, this is not an instagram. And when you enter the username and password of the user, then actually pass your data to the login is unknown to whom. It may be unsafe!

Here are the three most popular services, with which you can publish a photo in Instagram:

  • Instmsk - free service. Everything is simple and intuitive, but it works with interruptions.
  • SMMPLANNER-free, but with restrictions. The service is designed to postpone posting posts in social networks.
  • Instaplus - five days for free, then 400 rubles per month. The service is designed to automatically promote the page in the inst.

I will not stop in detail, because everything is simple and intuitive: register, add an account and publish posts with photos. But remember that the services you use at your own risk!

Method 5: Windows programs

Instagram for a computer allows you to use the social network not through a browser, but through a separate application. It is convenient, but such a program requires the initial installation / setup.

In 2019, there are two main programs for working with social network:

  • Official app for Windows 10
  • GRAMBLR program

About the official app I will tell you quite a bit, as it knows how to do almost everything, except for downloading files from a computer. But about Gramblr talk more - you can easily download photos and videos through it.

App for Windows 10

In Windows 10 there are special applications to work with instagram. It is called - Instagram.

You can install it from Microsoft Store:

  • Open Microsoft Store.
  • Press the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner
  • Print in the Instagram string and select the application from the list
  • Press the "Get" button and wait for the installation. You can open the application from start.

The Istagram program for Windows 10 has almost all the social network functions (even direct). But add photos from the computer via the application is impossible!

GRAMBLR program

But this program can upload photos and is suitable for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

How to download:

1. Go to the official site and click on the "Download Now for Windows" button.

2. Unpack the downloaded file archive - usually it is in the "Download" folder.

On a note . To unpack the archive, right-click on it and select "Extract to the current folder". If there is no such item, it means you need to install the archiver to the computer. For example, a free 7-zip.

3. The program file will appear. It is through it that we will run Gramblr and upload a photo in instagram. Therefore, it is better to transfer this file (copy / paste) to a more convenient place, for example, on the desktop.

4. We launch Gramblr and register:

  • Indicate your mail
  • We assign a password to enter Gramblr
  • Enter login to Instagram
  • We enter the password from it and click "Register"

If you can not register (the program does not allow further), try to change the mail in the account settings.

With successful registration, the program window will appear.

How to publish photo:

1. Click inside the program - where it is written "Drag and release an image or video ...".

2. In the window that appears, open the desired file - click on it twice the left mouse button.

3. Click "Save". If necessary, apply filters, click "Continue" and "Send!".

That's all: the snapshot is published on your page in inst!


There are five ways to lay out a photo from a computer in Instagram:

The fastest way to add a photo to instagram from the computer is to download it through the developer mode. But it is not very convenient - the expansion in this regard is better. But the developer mode and the extension is suitable only for posting posts. Other social network functions in them do not work (for example, direct). The only way all is available and everything works - Android emulator. But he is the most time consuming.

P.S. You can also throw a photo directly: Connect the phone to the computer via the USB wire, pour the desired pictures to the DCIM folder and place them in instagram through the phone application (as usual).

Instagram through a computer: how to upload how to lay out a photo, post or video

Instagram is an initially completely mobile application. The functionality was designed for smartphones and tablets without the possibility of using fixed computers. So why do some users need to go to instagram or publish photos through a PC?

  • One of the reasons is the lack of a mobile device on the IOS or Android platform.
  • Create photos with a full-fledged camera. After processing images, they are easier and faster immediately lay out in instagram from the computer.
  • The working need for some SMM and content managers, which are provided only by a computer or a non-tutor.

If you feel about one of the above categories, or just want to know how to work with Instagram through a computer, we will tell some useful secrets.

We enter the personal office of instagram through a computer

Instagram through a computer: how to upload how to lay out a photo, post or videoInstagram has an web version with partial application functionality. With the link you can view any profile in the browser. You can also easily create a new page when filling out standard registration fields: Mobile phone / email, name / surname, username and password. If you enter your data and enter your personal account, you will get access to such functions:

  • View news ribbons, likes and comments;
  • Changes in personal data of the profile;
  • commenting and linking publications;
  • View storage;
  • Subscription, prompt or add to Ban.

As we said earlier, Instagram is designed for mobile devices, so most important options are not available in the web version of this platform. Through the browser, you cannot publish new posts, shoot and lay out Instastories and watch private messages in Direct.

Instagram through a computer: how to upload how to lay out a photo, post or videoIf you, nevertheless, you need to post a post in instagram using a stationary computer or laptop, follow a few simple actions:

  1. Go to's official website through any convenient browser: Google Chrome, Opera or Yandex browser. Then enter your credentials and access your personal account.
  2. Open the Additional window - the developer console - using the Ctrl + Shift + i combination (for the Google Chrome browser) or by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the "View code" option.
  3. In the new window you need to go from the usual mode to "Mobile". This can be done by pressing the smartphone and tablet icon in the upper left corner of the developer console.
  4. Now you can select the desired device from the drop-down list in the top line, as well as set a convenient scale and resolution.
  5. After turning on the mode at the bottom of the instagram tape, the camera icon will appear. Click on it and select the desired image for the new publication. If suddenly the icon does not appear, we advise you to update the page.

Also, to post a photo in Instagram from the computer, you can use the SMMPLANNER online service. It is possible to schedule the release of the post with photos, video or in Storsith. Read more - in the article "How to post a photo in Instagram from a computer online" in the SMMPlanner blog (

How to download Instagram on a computer: Official app for Windows ten

Instagram through a computer: how to upload how to lay out a photo, post or videoFor users who have the Windows 10 operating system installed on the computer, there is another way to use the official application. To do this, go to the Microsoft Store virtual store and download the FREE program to the stationary device. When starting, you need to enter your data, as in the mobile version, and go to your personal Instagram profile.

But here the developers have limited the functionality of the application in order not to move accents from portable devices. In the dexte version you can view the posts and storm of other users, subscribe and unsubscribe, edit the profile and leave comments. You will even get to write down and lay out your instastories using the front camera on a laptop. But the main function of publishing posts still remains unavailable for computer applications Instagram.

Create publication in instagram from a computer using a mobile application

Instagram through a computer: how to upload how to lay out a photo, post or videoAs we see from previous recommendations, instagram is actively fighting using your application on stationary devices. Limited functionality, complex setup schemes and an uncomfortable interface do not allow to work fully in the dextop or web version of Instagram. Therefore, today, the optimal solution is to install additional Android emulators on your laptop or computer.

To download such software, use Google search or read the overview of the best Android emulators for Windows (or the OS that is installed on your device). Some of the most popular programs - NOX App Player and Bloustacks. Both of these emulators you can download free on the official sites of developers, and then use to create a new post in instagram.

The principle of operation of such programs is almost identical. Only some steps can be different when gaining access to the profile or action during image loading. For example, BlueStacks requires mandatory Google account data entry. Without them, you will not be able to install the mobile version of Instagram on your computer. Nox App Player starts easier, however, to publish a photo you will need to transfer the desired images into the internal emulator memory.

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