- Chevrolet Lacetti SW, 1.6 liters, 2009 on DRIVE2

A year after buying a car, I decided to put the rear view camera. Yet wagon is a long car. Yes, and with the installed pharkop. I decided to put a lining, I do not like this option in general. Therefore, I found a full-fledged mirror for native mount. Introduced to Aliexpress

A year after buying a car, I decided to put the rear view camera. Yet wagon is a long car. Yes, and with the installed pharkop. I decided to put a lining, I do not like this option in general. Therefore, I found a full-fledged mirror for native mount. Introduced to Aliexpress

Link to the mirror. Link on the chamousting on the mirror chooses under Chevrolet Buick. This is the mount number 4. Look at the photo. Also, on the photo, the Spring Replacement Council in the Chinese mount.

Mirror installation is very simple. Removed the mirror native, rearranged the spring

Now by electrics. What would not make a twist in the wires bought with Aliexpress for mini fuses such a thing. Lost link!

Plus comes from it, and minus from the screw in the body of the fuse block. See photo.

Spent under the stalk and ceiling. Wiring wrapped the anti-scrip.

From these wire, I have a type of tee under the ceiling! The monitor itself is powered by the monitor, the registrar.

Mirror, though longer than the factory, but the visors do not hurt him!

Laying wires and installation of the camera. Video Cable paved through the middle of the ceiling using wire and holes from the plafoons. What would not be some sounds from the cable, I also packed her in AntiSprip!

Full size

Cable laying line.

Then paved in the corrugation of the trunk cover, with the help of a wire! And brought into the trunk.

The minus power supply cameras take from any bolt or nut in the trunk lid. And plus a pull from the wiring going to the rear left lantern. From the wire plus on the reverse lamp. And also stretch it into the lid of the trunk. Naturally, we all wrap in the anti-scrip. To install the camera, you need to remove the mechanism of the janitor and the plastic panel.

Since the lens is closer to the left edge on the camera case, I put the camera to the position of the right light of the room lighting. There is a very tight camera. Accordingly, it is not even necessary to twist screwed screws. It is very difficult to pull out.

The camera is normal. Nightly visible norms. So as the reverse lamps illuminate. On the mirror power from the ignition. About the inclusion of the rear power supply to the camera. The camera gives a signal to the video cable and voila!

It has already been about 2 years. Everything works without any questions and some problems.

We have already considered several options for connecting in the rear-view camera car: to the radio, navigator, a head device monitor or an additional screen. Today we will find out how to connect the camcorder to the mirror. There are also several different installation methods. In the general case, a rear-view mirror is applied, combined with a monitor. A more advanced option - installation of a model with a built-in video recorder.

Camera itself can also be installed and connect completely differently. Standard method - installation of a device on a license plate or bumper with a subsequent laying of a connecting cable to a torpedo. If there is no desire to pull the wiring through the entire salon, you can use the wireless connection. It will cost more, but will save time. Finally, in some cases it is desirable to connect the camera through the power filter or relay.

How to connect the rear view video camera to the mirror with your own hands

Today there are many different types of automotive mirrors with built-in monitors. The most common models with displays with a diagonal of 4.3 and 5 inches. Standard values ​​of the resolution of similar screens: 480 × 272 and 800 × 480. This is quite enough to get a high-quality picture of what is happening from behind your car.


The models offered in the market usually provide for the possibility of mounting directly onto a regular mirror using special flexible clamps. Power can be connected from the cigarette lighter or directly from the battery. Another option of filing the plus is from the reverse signal. In this case, the system will be activated only when the reverse transmission is turned on.

There are also models that have built-in rechargeable batteries. This refers to "smart" devices with a wide additional functionality (wireless communication, voice control, etc.).

The camera itself is installed in a place that provides the best overview. It is desirable that the device is protected from a spray of dirt, and its appearance did not attract the attention of the vandals. Optimal options - Mounting on the license plate or inside the bumper, in a specially drilled hole. The second method is better suitable for products with round in section case. You can also buy a license plate frame with an already built-in camera or a nest under it. This method is optimal for square in the secting of devices.

The connecting cable is paired inside the car's interior. We can use technological holes and niches, tapping the wires to the footage of the regular wiring. It is necessary to provide for the likelihood of damage and energous cable. It is desirable to further strengthen its tape in such places, especially on bends.

Connecting the camera to the mirror with a video recorder

Instead of a simple mirror with a display, you can install a device with a built-in video recorder. In this case, the picture from the rear view camera will not only be displayed on the monitor, but also recorded onto the carrier. On such mirrors with registrars, the front video camera is usually already installed - on the rear panel of the product.


Connecting the rear view chamber to the mirror with the DVR is made according to the algorithm described above. Some differences can be in ways of connecting power and control signals, which will be discussed below.

Rear View Camera Connection Scheme to Mirror

The main features of the connection scheme as a whole were already described above. You can see more detail in the picture below.


The signal from the camera is connected directly to the auto-board to the appropriate video input. There are models with two inputs that can be used to connect two cameras at once, including the front. The second input can also be used to display the video signal of a suitable format from any other source.

A supply voltage is supplied to the mirror and camcorder. Depending on the type of products, there are several connection schemes. There are cameras with different amounts of conclusions - from 3 to 6. On the above scheme, a separate control wire is used, which is connected to the rear light power. In this case, the main power supply of the chamber can be connected directly to the on-board network.


Another way is used if there is no separate control input from the camcorder. In this case, the main power is supplied directly from the rear light. This provides a video signal to auto-board only when moving back.

Finally, there are various connection schemes depending on the type of mirror used. To activate the image, a signal from the rear lights can also be involved here too. Another option - if the picture starts when it is served directly from the camcorder. In this case, the use of a separate control wire is not required.

Wireless connection

If you wish to simplify the installation process, you can use a wireless connection. For this purpose, special radio modulus apply. There are also radio models on sale that are already combined with a video camera.


In this case, the need to launch the wiring inside the car interior is canceled. It is enough to power the radio module and connect them to the chamber and the mirror. Power to them can be applied both directly from the on-board network (in this case, after turning on the ignition, it is constantly under voltage) and from the reverse.

Connection through a filter or relay

Sometimes when connecting the camera to the power of the rear lights, strong interferences are observed, stripes, full disappearance of the picture. This can be explained by the structural features of a particular car model. To solve such a problem, power filters are used or a relay connection.


Using the relay, a stable supply of constant voltage to the inlet of the chamber is ensured when the rear light signal is activated.

Camera setting with mirror

After installing and connecting the equipment, it is advisable to hold it. Algorithms can differ significantly depending on the type of models used. Therefore, we mention only the most important nuance - using a scale grid displayed on the monitor.


This feature is not everywhere, but many models are equipped with it. After turning on the rear transmission, a characteristic grid appears on the display, which helps better navigate. If there is no possibility of adjusting its parameters, you need at least to determine the compliance of individual lines to real distances. To do this, it is necessary to drive up close to the obstacle (until the first line of the grid is "wielding" into it). After that, get out and measure the real distance between the bumper and the wall.

In this article, we will try in detail and with pictures, show motorists, how to install or replace the parking system to improve it and install it instead of standard equipment.

Let's look at the modernized inside the cabin mirror with the monitor and the rear view camera together with the parking sensors so without them.

Dismantling the regular inside the cabin mirror.

All cars have different fasteners, depending on the brand Iclace car.

Today there is a huge number of ways to dismantle the original mirror.

In our article, we will look at the example of fastening, which has about 70% of cars in the picture 1.

one) At the time of dismantling, it is not necessary to apply force when removing the mirror, as the Piglet is attached to the windshield, and the glass in its density can crack with a sharp movement or strong pressed on it well, or at the time of removing the mirror.

70% of cars has such a fastening.
70% of cars has such a fastening.

The mirror itself is directly fastened to the patch and is delayed with a locking bolt, the picture 2. Carefully unscrew using a hexagon and easily remove the mirror.

The mirror is directly attached to the patch and dragged into a locking bolt.
The mirror is directly attached to the patch and dragged into a locking bolt.

But we want to note that the fastening presented in the picture 2 can differ significantly from yours. There are many fixtures but it is most common for today.

Figure 3 shows not all variants of the regular attachment that come from cars.
Figure 3 shows not all variants of the regular attachment that come from cars.

2) Mounting the mirror with the monitor on the already installed patch to the windshield. As shown in Figure 4, make the mirror setting and secure the mirror fastening tightly bolt.

Usually, the hexagon must be present together with the mirror.
Usually, the hexagon must be present together with the mirror.

3) After the work done with the mirror, proceed to the installation of the rear view camera. The camera is purchased separately, but in some cases the manufacturer can complete the mirror with the monitor and the camera, only these cameras leave to desire the best in their technical characteristics. We recommend choosing a rear view camera or universal, Or a regular character in our online store, the operator will necessarily help you choose the necessary technical parameters or cost.

3.1) The installation of the rear view camera occurs on the back of the car, the most suitable and more acceptable option is in the center. But it does not always work out the installation above the number sign, it all depends on the car brand. Also, if you decide to install a full-time chamber, then they are usually installed with a shift to the left or right, depending on the model, usually this installation occurs instead of a ceiling.

Figure 5 shows an approximate installation, with an underlined (kr. Color), as the wiring is usually laid from the camera to the mirror.
Figure 5 shows an approximate installation, with an underlined (kr. Color), as the wiring is usually laid from the camera to the mirror.

3.2) Detailed laying layout circuit from rear view camera to inside salon mirror or vice versa (Figure 6/6,1):

Detailed wiring scheme from rear view camera.
Detailed wiring scheme from rear view camera.

AND) The cable from the rear view mirror with the monitor is started under the ceiling. B / c) Next, the cable under the ceiling is trimmed to the rack.

Next, the cable under the ceiling is trimmed to the rack.
Next, the cable under the ceiling is trimmed to the rack.

D) The cable is attached to the rack by the rack to the usually existing wire loop. You can make the wiring laying both on the left and right rack (optional).

You can make the wiring laying both on the left and right rack (optional).
You can make the wiring laying both on the left and right rack (optional).

E) Mirror commutation with the camera is performed.

Mirror commutation with the camera is performed.
Mirror commutation with the camera is performed.

E / g) The cable goes down to the threshold of the car and stretches to the trunk with a gasket in the threshold (be sure to lay the cable (comes with a camera, about 5 meters) switching mirror with the camera, pass the top layer with a tape so that the cable does not pass or any external damage to the cable).

The cable descends to the threshold of the car and stretches to the trunk with a gasket in the threshold.
The cable descends to the threshold of the car and stretches to the trunk with a gasket in the threshold.

H) At the point z, switching the paved cable with the chamber itself and power to activate both the camera and mirrors.

The figure shows not all diversity of switching and the location of the rear view chamber by car. Depending on the brand or class, from different cars, for example: sedan, Hchchbeck, wagon, the installation of the rear view camera occurs in different ways. We show an example of installation on the Wheel, but also in this type of car, there are subtleties and different differences when installed.

3.3) Detailed rear view camera switching scheme is shown in the figure.

Detailed rear view camera switching scheme.
Detailed rear view camera switching scheme.

We hope this publication, you helped you a little.

Shooting sensitivity. For a wired connection, it will be necessary to partially disassemble the salon and trunk. When choosing a camera, you need to consider several important points: an angle of review. Usually, the camera connects to the rear lanterns. Connecting the monitor and rear view camera (quick connection, check)

Despite its effectiveness, it is not informative enough. This will require a special module. For your work, the device requires Android 6. For these drivers, the output can be connected in the connection of 2 rear-view cameras. Let us consider the classic version of the connection in more detail. Connection locations must be exceeded. And it also turns off at the time of turning off the reverse gear. 5 inches monitor for rear view camera 800x480

Criterias of choice

Connecting the reverse camera to the tablet Many drivers are used as smartphones and tablets as navigators. Reflected ultrasound is accepted by the sensor, showing the distance to the obstacle. These modules are not suitable for radio tape recorders and monitors that require the excitation wire. The next moment is the viewing angle that captures the camera lens. Installing the camera in a plate under a number sign. The rear train camera is automatically disconnected when the reverse is turned off. A more common and classic scheme looks different: the power of the chamber is supplied to the reverse illuminator; The voltage at its conclusions appears when you go to the rear gear and start moving; Tulips are connected to a regular jack on the audio system or on a video monitor; The excitation wires are connected to the output on the audio system often marked Reverse. It allows you to install a device to any plane. However, not everyone is suitable for a similar method. There are specific methods of installation from the discharge of tuning. Cameras equipped with transmitting and receiving modules can often transmit the image only to the navigator. Signal transmission method. Connect the rear view cameras to the tablet

Lamp malfunction control system

The most convenient way to power the camcorder most experts consider the connection of the power wire to the left back light. A separate camcorder involves the selection of multiple places of installation, convenient for the driver. SAMSUNG Represents Galaxy Tab S6 with Updated S liked the article? It will not be superfluous to provide the plus wire with an additional fuse 0.5 - 1a in the chain. The camera will be included with the machine plant and work constantly if the car has a pre-shutdown of the entire power. The rear train camera is automatically disconnected when the reverse is turned off. Consider mounting the mirror with the built-in camera, as well as the connection scheme of the remote device to the monitor of the multimedia system. In cheaper models, the quality of recording with weak lighting can be very bad. Practical operations for installing camcorders We do not consider the installation of the camera behind the rear window of the car. Installation of some models of such devices may imply the use of through fasteners. Connecting the reverse camera to the tablet Many drivers are used as smartphones and tablets as navigators.

One Reply To "Connecting the rear view camera with your own hands to the radio, tablet and navigator"

Normal is considered an angle of review in degrees. All wires stretching through the cabin and in the trunk must be consolidated and hidden. Although one camcorder should not be very much to rely, because it has its own shortcomings with a small delay, a limited viewing angle, not enough permission.

You just need to connect everything according to the instructions that must be attached to the device. This option will help improve image quality in conditions of insufficient visibility.

If you connect the back chamber and the front, then the white plug will be responsible for the front chamber, and the yellow for the rear view camera can be the opposite, while the front camera displays the image constantly, but when the signal comes from the rear view camera, the priority monitor will switch Image on the rear view chamber. On this installation and connection with your own hands for most cars can be considered complete. Not bad if the camera will have infrared illumination. In the cabin of the wire you can stretch at the bottom along the thresholds and behind the ceiling. How to choose the camera first that you need to understand when choosing a car chamber - the fact that ordinary devices are not suitable here. Rear View Camera Connection

Installation options

This is all known as tulips. There are several methods for the return of the car rearview chamber overview of the favorite models: a separate camera that connects to a regular multimedia system or without the help of another installed screen; A set of cameras with a rear view mirror, which the image will be displayed when moving.

There are specific methods of installation from the discharge of tuning. It is difficult for them not only to be reversed, but also the front. The easiest way to lay the video cable will be its fastening on the left side of the cabin under the removed overlays of the thresholds and the floor lining.

When the rear velocity is turned on from the reverse lamp, it goes to the reversing camera, and it sends a signal to turn on the monitor automatically, so that additional manipulations do not need to be done. The resolution of the camcorder despite the fact that modern monitors allow you to display video with the resolution of Full HD and above, the ability of the rear view chamber is limited by the resolution of x pixels. If there is no this device in the configuration - it should be purchased separately.

Discuss Edit an article The number of cars on the road grows in geometric progression. Since the image is formed behind the driver's back, then when broadcasting it must be displayed mirror. Program for phone, availability of infrared illumination.

Article on the topic: PSD to replace wiring

How to connect a rear view camera to a mirror with a monitor

It is noted that some types of bodies, such as hatchback, are more susceptible to rear contamination than the same sedan. Persistently reinstate the wires. Camera in a rectangular case can be easily fixed by conventional self-drawing; attach to the license plate frame; Mount to bumper.

Rate article on a 5-point scale, if there are comments, wishes or you know something that is not specified in this article tell us! If you want to prove that the rear view chamber can be installed behind the glass, then this is your solution.

Installation process

This option is good simplicity and speed of installation, but has one significant disadvantage - interference arising from foreign sources of electromagnetic radiation. For these drivers, the output can be connected in the connection of 2 rear-view cameras. Camera Connection to Magnitolet Automagnet Display Connecting the camcorder is possible only to the magnetol with a liquid crystal display with a size of at least 3 - 4 inches. Discuss Edit an article The number of cars on the road grows in geometric progression. Here the main thing is not to confuse the inputs.

Generations Subaru Forester Bumper Bumper Rear Bumper Frontal Bumper Amplifier Bumper Amplifier Rear Lower Bumper Amplifier Back Upper Bumper Amplifier Front Low Bumper Amplifier Frontal Upper Grid Front Bumper Grid Front Bumper Grid Front Bumper Left Lower Grid We will need both. On this installation and connection with your own hands for most cars can be considered complete. To do this, you can use the existing holes in the bumper, the lid of the fifth door or cut out new installation places. Car enthusiasts consider it more practical to use the display of one of the existing devices. How to install a reversing camera with your own hands?

Given the driving culture and the state of domestic roads, it is not necessary to talk about the benefits of the DVR. And if a recently ordinary video camera on the suction cup was the subject of the bus owner, then the functionality of the modern registrar is comparable to the capabilities of the computer. Below we will deal with the criteria for the choice and consider how the video recorder is set with the rear view camera depending on its design and your wishes.

Immediately about the main thing: Decide with the type of device. There are only two of them:

- classical - This is a separate two-channel display, which is installed on a torpedo or windshield;

- Mirror with built-in front chamber And the connector for connecting the rear view chamber - combines the functions of the mirror and the display, is attached to a regular mirror in the cabin or replaces it.

The obvious advantage of the second variant is the possibility of a stationary installation. At the same time, the windshield and torpedo are not climbated by additional gadgets, and the DVR himself, externally indistinguishable from the ordinary mirror, does not cause interest in unclear orders.

Both types of two-channel video recorders of the last generation with a remote rear view chamber are completed approximately equally, and their installation is different only by the method of fastening the display. About this in more detail.

Installing the DVR mirror with the rear view camera and connection

Equipment of the DVR mirror includes: Mirror-monitor itself with a built-in front chamber, charger from the cigarette lighter, a rear view chamber, a 5-meter connecting cable, a set of fixture elements (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Equipment of the Mirror-DVR

If you choose the right mirror, quickly and easily lock it on the regular one with two elastic belts. Otherwise, you will have to dismantle the old mirror and purchase a separate mount for the new one.

How to connect nutrition

Like the usual electrical appliance, the video recorder can be connected to the onboard network anywhere, by observing the polarity and the voltage consumed by the device, which is usually 5 V.

Depending on the brand and model of the car, part of its electrical appliances is under constant voltage, and the part is turned off along with the ignition. This moment determines the selection of the wire to which you are connected.

The charger supplied in the kit provides power from a 12-volt car network. At the same time, in many models of DVRs, the cigarette lighter plug is equipped with a voltage converter from a 12 volt onboard network of 5 volts consumed by the camera itself. Therefore, if you are not strong in the electrician and do not want to buy a separate converter, you should not cut off the charge plug - it is better to purchase an additional cigarette lighter socket, which will connect with the desired contact. In addition, this installation will allow you to save the DVR with a rear view camera in integrity for warranty service.

Before starting work on the connection of the gadget, remove the minus Clem with the battery.

To the cigarette lighter

The length of the charging cord allows you to lay it under the cover of the roof and the overlays of the front right side rack, and then output directly to the cigarette lighter or in the glove box with the outlet. If you regularly use the cigarette lighter for charging other devices, consider this type of splitter as a tee with switches - very useful on long-distance drives to the device.

With such a connection, the activation of the recording occurs automatically when the engine is started. After turning off the ignition, the device turns off. But if the video recorder has a built-in battery and motion sensors, it can activate the record and when the engine is turned off.

To the ceiling lighting ceiling

This is the shortest way and easy way. It will only take to remove the cover of the ceiling and find the positive wire. It is important not to confuse it with the one that comes from the relay reacting to the door, otherwise the record will be included with each opening.

Since in the absolute majority of cases of the lamp of the salon is under constant voltage, the video recorder will also be permanently active.

To block with fuses

Usually it is located at the bottom of the front or side of the panel. On the block lid there is a scheme for the location of the electrical appliances fuses (Fig. 2). By selecting the appropriate, you need to pull it out its fuse, secure the red wire from the cigarette lighter socket on the plusible terminal and insert back (Fig. 3). Minus contact - mass - goes to a fastening bolt. (Figure 4)

Fig. 2 - Electrical fuse location scheme

Fig. 3 - Clemma

Fig. 4 - minus contact

With this option, the video recorder will be turned on when the voltage is submitted to the electrical appliance. If the latter is under constant voltage, it will be necessary to disable the recorder manually.

To battery

A successful way to power the video recorder is a separate line. Connection Similar to the previous one: The wire is displayed under the hood to the fuse block - plus to the plus, and minus can be fixed directly on the car body.

If, in addition to the cigarette lighter connector, you can also purchase a power controller, it will be possible to independently control the supply of voltage to the chamber.

How to connect the rear view camera to the video recorder

This question consists of two parts: the direct installation of the rear view chamber and its connections to the DVR.

Parking chambers are mortised and overhead. To set the mortise, you will need to drill the bumper. The overheads are fixed on glass velcro, on a bumper or lining - velcro and self-drawing.

The invoice chamber of the rear view can be installed on the glass inside the cabin or outside - above the state number (Fig. 5). It is clear that the first option is not considered if the rear window does not have an electric heating and janitor. But another important lack of such installation - you will not see the road right under the wheels. And this function is very useful when driving down off-road.

Fig. 5 - Rear View Camera Installation Options

As can be seen from the figure, the cable laying the cable to the video recorder during installation inside the cabin does not cause special difficulties. Otherwise it is the case with the outer fastening.

In this case, you will need:

- remove the lining with the illumination of the room and mark the place of attachment of the camera;

- fix it with velcro, after which it is done to do holes for self-tapping screws - drill or seer;

- Screw the screws, then cut the knife along the lower edge of the lining a small recess for the wire and bring it into the trunk.

The power is connected to the reverse lamp (red wire - to the lamp plus), the video signal to the corresponding connector (Fig. 6). Thus, when you turn on the reverse gear, automatic activation of the recording is activated and the display of the image from the rear camera.

Fig. 6 - Rear View Camera Connection Scheme

On the cabin, the wire is stretched from the mirror to the trunk under the lining of the cabin plating or skipped through a regular corrugation with wiring.


By and large, an independent installation of a video recorder with a rear view camera purchased in one set should not cause great difficulties. But if you purchased a parking chamber separately from the two-channel DVR and you want to connect it, it is better to contact the specialists.

The rear view video camera is an excellent solution for monitoring the movement of the auto reverse, as the mirrors do not allow to completely see what is behind the car. Although one camcorder should not be very much to rely, because it also has its drawbacks (inclusion with a small delay, a limited angle of review, not enough permission).

Connecting the rear view camera requires some knowledge and skills, so not everyone can do it with your own hands - you have to go to the auto electrician. But most of the drivers perfectly copes with such a task, especially if you carefully read this manual for connecting.

Usually in cameras for video surveillance behind the situation from the back of the car, on the black color connector board - minus and mass, red + power, can be 3.3 volts and 5 volts, yellow - a comprehensive video output. There is still control - white or brown, but this is depending on the manufacturer. Red, black and yellow are usually respected by all camera manufacturers. To check, connect it to the TV through the usual "tulip" - should show.

Rear view camera pinout for 3 wires

Camera pinout for 4 wires

Rear view camera pinout for 5 wires

Camera pinout for 6 wires

Here is the same kitchen as on 3, 4, 5 wired, simply separately outputs for each line. Camera crucifice:

  1. Red wire "+" on the reversing lamp.
  2. Yellow wire "+" on a tulip video signal.
  3. The remaining wires "-" on the tulip video signal.

Pointing Camera Wired Backlit

Infrared backlight on the rear view chamber displays an image with sufficient illumination in color, and with insufficient thanks to the IR illumination displays the image in black and white about 5 meters. So that their presence on the rear view cameras is relevant, in contrast to the registrars, where they wear the promotional nature of the "night shooting" without practical application, which cannot be said about LED backlighting on the rear-view cameras - better without them than with them!

Connecting two cameras to the monitor

The principle of operation is that when the rear transmission is turned on, the coil voltage is fed, the rear camera turns on, the front camera contacts are open. When the rear camera is turned off, the relay is turned off and through contact 87a plus is fed to the button. Turn on the button - the front camera works.

Installing Parking Rear Camera

Connecting the camera from the reverse (classically). The camera connects to the reverse wiring: plus to the plus and minus to minus. When the rear velocity is turned on from the reverse lamp, it goes to the reversing camera, and it sends a signal to turn on the monitor automatically, so that additional manipulations do not need to be done. The rear train camera is automatically disconnected when the reverse is turned off. The camera is connected to the help of the cord, which is initially available on the wiring next to the camera or with the help of the wire with the plug for which the plug has a plug on the camera.

There are even rear-view wireless chambers (a video transmitter and video receiver with a radio channel), then the connection will be like as a diagram.

Rear View Camera Motion Methods:

  • In the backlight slot numbers or in the trunk knob or the place for the camera - the damage is not applied;
  • Camera in the room - the hole for the cord is not visible, as it is beyond;
  • Cutting camera - on the principle of the eye, convenient among parking sensors, in the larva of the lock or simply case;
  • on pin - minimal damage, as the wire passes through the pin itself, imperceptible, installation pin up;
  • Overhead - have a certain angle and minimum sizes, often have a certain position for installation;
  • on the bracket - Convenient in that it is possible to mount almost all the places and change the angle of the chamber and deploy the image.

Please note that all chambers are usually powered from 5 volts, it has a voltage stabilizer and gives 3.3 volts to the chamber itself, someone has this stabilizer and 12 volt flow, but it is rare, it usually burns. On ordinary Chinese cameras feeding from 12V from the reverse flashlight, a 5-volt stabilizer is standing in a plastic former wires for food and tulip, a stabilizer is also 3.3 volts in the chamber itself.

Replacement Replacement Camera - Instructions

Like any other electronic device, these camcorders are sometimes burned (especially if the power on them is served constantly). Then replacement actions will be such:

one. Remove the camera.

2. Cut a regular harness from the camera, closer to the camera. It will be in the shielding overall, to prepare a fever with another as a laptop from the new camera.

3. From the new camera, a tulip type cord is moving. It is joined by a long cord that should reach the screen itself. It is not necessary for us, since it is a regular wiring to our screen, to which we connect. Sut off the connector with a small piece from the long wire and we clean. There will be central lived inside thanks. We will need both.

four. We solder the wires of the sliced ​​regular harness to the new chamber:

  • Yellow on the regular - to the central dwell, the cut new camera.
  • Wallet from standard to the overall from the cut new camera
  • Black on a regular - to a minus wire on a new camera (usually black)
  • Red from a new camera must be attached to the plus wire that feeds the reverse lamp (green with a white stripe)

five. Turn on the ignition, set the automatic transmission selector to R. If there is an image - everything is done correctly.

If you feed the camera from the reverse flashlight, it may be ripple on the screen when the camera is turned on - you will have to connect from the supply plus through the relay. It is necessary to disable it, because if the camcorder is constantly submitted + 12V (for example, from the backlight of the license plate), then its voltage converter will burn sooner or later.

Do not forget everything carefully disappear and isolate, preferably a heat shrink. Cords preferably cut off with a margin so that you can continue to quickly replace the camera, without disassembled the trim. Before cutting cords on a regular chamber, you need to be confident in its inoperability. The question of attaching a new camera is purely plumbing and solved without problems. The camera is better to take infrared - it is better "sees" with bad lighting.

Video instruction

Hello everyone, I recently had a review on the mirror with the DVR Papago M10G, reading the comments of the inhabitants of the site and decided to order a more fiscal option for the Father with the rear view camera for the Father. What came out of this read on.

The parcel came in the standard packaging, waited not long, within three weeks

Especially for our roads and conscientious transport companies protected by a sheet of foam rubber

Of course, the colorful box is not called, made in white with the manufacturer's logo without any characteristics, but in principle it is not important

Inside the mirror is protected by another sheet of foam rubber, it was located on a blank cardboard with a cut under the chamber

Equipment with the exception of the mirror

Now not much for each of the components

1) user manual, alas of a section for Russian-speaking no

2) Charger from the cigarette lighter, sufficient length to let it under the car's trim, in order not to hang out the extra wires

3) Rear View Camera

- pipe for power supply and connecting the camera to the mirror


- Just self-press and double-sided tape for fastening the camera under the backlight of the license plate

4) Mirror, to protect against laborer prints when installing film paste


- On the front side, on the left, there is a display, immediately notes that it is absolutely not visible in the sun, and the camera for parking becomes useless

- by the upper edge of the ports for charging, connecting the camera, the connector for the flash card, the plug under GPS, which is not in this model

- by the lower edge of the control button, when you click on them, inside the mirror, something clicks)))

-The rear surface of the camera, the picture of the shooting will be the video below

- Dynamic

- Fixation for fixing to the car mirror

- Rubber "harnesses"

Characteristics from the site

- Display: 4.3-inch TFT LCD Screen

- Video resolution: VGA / 720P / 1080Р

- Viewing angle: 120 degrees

- Video format: AVI

- Picture resolution: 12.0 MP

- Format photo: jpeg

- MICROSD memory card support (max 32GB)

- Current frequency: 50 Hz-60 Hz

- Battery: Built-in 300mAh

- USB interface: 2.0

- recording time: 2 minutes / 3 minutes / 5 minutes

- G-sensor

- anti-glare blue mirror

- WDR technology when recording video

- Built-in microphone


There are no difficulties in this process, the wires for charging and the camera were immediately allowed under the trim.

With the street looks like this, for the quality of the photo I immediately apologize, it was better not happened

The rear view chamber was installed in the cabin, there are posses in it in that it will not get into the mud, but minus - it is necessary to get used to the distance to the obstacle and the color of the line on the screen of the mirror, as the camera looks down

Plus from the camera down on the back of the reverse

There are various kinds of functions, specifically about each telling I think it makes no sense (who will be interested, I will answer in the comments), since their minimum set here, already by the name everyone will understand what they mean (the more reviews have already been on such things)

The picture on the display is selected in various ratios of the pictures from the registrar and the rear view camera.

When the rear speed is turned on, the display shows a parking monitor, with restrictive stripes

The main thing that I wanted to convey, outline in the text, now


Since the rollers on the review were made in the village, and with the movement there they know it worse, which will often appear the same car.

In cloudy weather, as seen from the roller, the picture is quite decent, the numbers are readable

During the daytime, with the sunlight, the quality of the video confixation disappointed me, as the rollers are given to the yellow and for some reason they snow, in connection with which the picture becomes less clear

I will not even say anything about the evening, you will see everything

Several rollers from the rear view camera, during the daytime she shoots even better than the registrar

In the evening


Well, from the advantages I can attribute what it is installed at more convenient than Papago M10G, and in fact, everything!

The quality of video phixations are many worse, the rear view camera in sunny weather becomes useless, since everything is not visible on the display. Here is an example of acquiring a more budget option.

Subsequently, I think this mirror will go to the emission, the previous registrar will return back, and you can additionally think about installing the monitor for the rear view camera.

Thank you for your attention, was adequate)))

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