Hairstyles for girls on long hair: step by step with photos and video

January 26, 2017.

Best hairstyle options for girls for girls

January 26, 2017.

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Long well-groomed curls are a female decoration at any age. Hairstyles for girls on long hair will help the young charming age always to stay beautiful, trying to different images and causing envy of the girlfriends.

From this article you will learn

Spit and Koschiki

Photos of various children's hairstyles with braids

Ten Kosichek

Beautiful and comfortable children's hairstyles for long hair are braids. They can be placed in a variety of way. The initial efforts and time will justify themselves, and hairstyles for long hair for girls will become similar to the work of art. When there is an experience in weaving braids, this lesson will not take much time, and your girl will always look neat and well-groomed.

Hairstyle "Fish Tail"

Spit fish Tail is popular among fashionistine around the world. In many secular events and fashion shows, the girls appear with this hairstyle. You can also braid such a braid to school on long curls.

This hairstyle can be performed in a variety of options.

Fish tail on the side

This is a simple and comfortable hairstyle. All you need is to brake a fishtail on the side, without pulling hair on the top of the top.

Fish tail from two braids

Flooded curls are decorated with two braids. Strands are not tightened to braids seem to be greater. They are fastened together on the back of the head with the help of ordinary gum.

Two in one

Photo of weaving

how to fly

  • Well combed curls divide into two strands.
  • From one of the strands, they separate a small strand from the outside, and hardened inside weaving.
  • Also come with another strand.
  • Little strands cross each other.
  • Such a weaving continues to the end of the curl length.
  • Below the braid with a rubber band.

You can sculpt in braid girls colored threads, like sometime girls woven colored silk ribbons.

Colored Nights

Russian braid of three strands

Such a braid can weave from the head of the head, collecting all the side strands with each new twist. Or collecting curls from behind in the tail, starting weaving from the top line of the neck. The appearance of the hairstyle and weaving technique in the second case will be much easier.

Spit "Krasok"

This pigtail reliably keeps the shape, and can stay on the hair of a movable schoolgirl all day. Therefore, it is popular among girls with long hair. Using less tight weaving, not only adolescent girls make such a hairstyle, but also adult women with their own hands.

Tight spikes

During weaving hands need to be kept closer to the head. Then the hairstyle gets neat, and the pigtail is tight.

Sequence of weaving spikes with photos.

  • Having gathered a part of the hair at the top of the head, they are divided into three strands.

how to start

  • Right strand impose on the average. Then the left strand also impose on the middle strand. It turns out the beginning of the braid.

Right on medium

  • Shift three strands into the left hand, separating their fingers from each other.

Three per middle

  • On the right side take a small straightener of the hair and add to the right straight.

Small strand

  • They impose on the middle of the strand that you have just completed the side curl, and the middle strand is removed to the right.


  • Put the braid into the right hand, also separating strands from each other with your fingers.

in the right hand

  • Left hand take the curl on the left and add to the left strand.

Lokon left

  • The left strand is imposed on the middle, and the middle will be left left.

Left on the middle

  • Weaving continue until all curls break into the braid. Complete weaving conventional oblique.

Weave the spikes

In order to work out so accurately heat the braid, it will be necessary to practice slightly, the knocked strands and irregularities can be adjusted after weaving with a thick comb.


Simple hairstyles for school from the collected tail on the back of the head can acquire the most bizarre and unexpected forms. It's amazing, but with the help of this simple hairstyle you can emphasize the oval of faces, expressive eyes and a beautiful neck.

High horse tail

Smoothly combed chapels, collected in the tail high on the back of the head. Such a hairstyle is quite ordinary and suitable for school sessions, walks and parties, and with some additional design for solemn events. It is important that the curls look healthy and well-groomed. They can be poisoned by playful waves or leave straight. If the hair is brilliant and well-groomed, even an ordinary hairstyle of a horse tail looks irresistible.

So that there were no "roosters" after tie the tail, the hair is well combed, lifted on the back and tie a tight rubber band in the tail. If a very high tail is needed, you can tilt your head forward, and collect your tail on the master's most.

After tie gum, you need to correct all the irregularities using a comb or natural bristle brush. If the hairstyle is constructed by a solemn case and consists of curly curls tied to the tail, you can use the gel for laying or varnish.

Such a hairstyle is convenient, but not very useful for hair. Running tight elastic on the back of the head or painshque curls can become weak. Therefore, often and long to wear such a hairstyle.


Hairstyle looks volume and adds femininity appearance. For its construction, curls are combed. They are separated on the forehead straight and twist two inverse spit. Their weaving differs from ordinary because they strands one after another bottom, and not on top. When they get to the top of them collect with a colorless gum both braids in one tail. Then raise and attach other curls in one big tail. Also, the braid can be weave only on one side of the head, and hide the gum under the spar of the hair.

Collect in tail

Tail Garland

This multi-level tail is easily done, and it looks very impressive. A girl or a girl becomes like Princess Jasmine from Disney cartoon. To build such a hairstyle at all, it is not necessary to be the owner of very thick, luxury curls. It is enough to know the secret of the structure of fashionable hairstyles.

Tail Garland

The easiest option will require some time and several ordinary gum. Collecting on the back of the curls in the horse's tail, they must be dragging over the entire length after certain distances with rubber bands. For a larger volume, you can find a little hair.

A more complex option is that rubber bands from top to wrap their own hair.

more complex flying

Or nodules from thin neat braids.

Complex nodes

Or weave over the tail of the braid. This can be both the usual braid of three strands and a braid "Fish Tail".

Spit in tail

Many tails right away

In a more adult version suitable for adolescents, this hairstyle looks like several tails tied one over the other, and combined into one common at the base of the head. Gum for beauty wrapping on top of strands of hair.

Multiple tails

In the children's version, it may be several tails, tied high on the head along different sides of the sample, their quantity depends on the fancy of the mother and patience of the child. Even if the girl has a haircut to shoulders, such funny tails will give her a cheerful and prime appearance.

Bundles and Gulki.

From the tail assembled on the back of the head you can build a lulk in different ways. One option implies the use of a special round washcloth with a hole in the middle. It is bought in the department of hairpins and jewelry, selecting the appropriate size and color (on dark or bright curls).

Gulka, photo

Bundles and Gulki.

A more complex option is to wrap the base of the lug of the hair strands or a thin pigtail. The sequence of the structure of such a lugua is described below.

  • Locks are collected and tied with a rubber band in the tail. Its height depends on the desire, but usually it is located on the top of the top.
  • In the hole of the hair washcloth, the tail is populated, promoted to the base of the tail, where it holds an elastic band.
  • Distribute curls with a smooth layer on the surface of the washcloth, and put another gum from above. The hairs of the hair should not be visible. If nothing works, and the curls do not close the device completely, you need to buy a smaller size of the washcloth.
  • The remaining free ends of the hair are wrapped around the ridges, fixed with studs and invisible.

Gulka can be built, covered on top of unfinished hair. This option is suitable only if the curls go out or you turn them off.

Festive hairstyles

Festive hairstyle is complemented by curls, original weaving elements or beautiful beams of hair. For decorations, ribbons, bows or use beautiful hairpins.

Beautiful hairstyles for the holiday, photo

Flowers in Volos.

Sophisticated weaving

Beautiful curls

Pink ribbons

It is better not to use a fluff and termobigi to children's hair to create curls, but soft foam curlers of different sizes. Slightly shake clean hair, wound on curl curls from the evening. If the hair is badly held by the form, you can use a special gel for laying. In the morning, the hair is combed, and create an image of a small princess.

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Hairstyles for girls

Festive Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Festive Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Each mother sees a real princess in his daughter. From an early age, many girls paint nails and make interesting and beautiful hairstyles. The girls themselves are also trying to resemble adult ladies and stay in the utter delighted with their transfigurations. If the baby is the owner of long strands, then you can please it with a huge variety of hairstyles. In this article we will look at the features of the beautiful hair design.


When creating everyday and festive hairstyles for girls with long hair, it is necessary to consider certain features of the selected options. Thanks to the Internet, modern mothers have a huge number of examples. You can create something new on the head of my daughter every day and never repeat over the year. Whatever hair design you choose, be sure to consider the following factors.

  • Girl character. This item is very important, since it is precisely 50 percent of the success of the final result that it depends on the degree of perception of a small lady. If the girl is too active and will not be able to stop at the place of at least five minutes, then you will have to temporarily forget to be forgotten. In this case, you can use fast two-minute methods that allow you to make the head beautiful in a matter of minutes. Gradually, when mom already misses his hand, it will be possible to go to a new level of complexity.

And if the process of creating a braid will be accompanied by interesting games, perhaps the baby will learn how to sit much longer.

  • Curb's density. Another important point that affects the choice of a weaving method. The owner of dense strands can afford hairstyle, with a variety of decorations. Girls with thin hair it is better to do something easier that beauty does not bring discomfort. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to hairstyles with loose hair.
  • Hair type. It is easiest to leave smooth straight hair. Girls with wavy or curly hair will have more difficult, as their hair is inclined to the formation of nodules. For such hair, the optimal hairstyles with tails and braids, as they allow you to quickly remove extra strands from the face.
  • Mother's experience. Of course, the experience of mom in creating a beautiful hair design is important. Before you fill your hand, you will have to practice a lot, but then the variant of the average difficulty will take a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

To begin with, it will be necessary to spend on a festive hairstyle for a girl with long hair from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the complexity, it will decrease later. However, not all the girls agree to sit so much time, and to hold some young young ladies will have to be trembling, because with beautifully laid hair, the baby will look like a real princess.

Often the main reason for the abandonment of interesting laying is pain during the calcination. This is especially observed in girls with long wavy curls, which are subject to the formation of nodules. To facilitate the process, it is recommended to apply special sprays for children's hair. They soften the curl structure and allow you to quickly go through such an unpleasant procedure.

It is also recommended to pick up a combing comb more carefully, which is intended for dense curly strands.

If the baby is boring to sit and wait until the mother sodes over his head, you can turn the process into the game. It all depends on the interests of the daughter. If she is delighted with the Disney cartoons, let it imagines that she is that the most princess that will be prepared for the ball. You can play the role-playing game, where the daughter will perform the role of the client of the beauty salon, and the mother is the masters on hairstyles. There are a lot of options, let the baby herself chooses which preferred.

Go together to the store, let the girl independently choose the comb. Modern shops offer a wide range of data of various colors, with drawings, rhinestones, a mirror and many others.

The choice of hairstyles depending on the celebration

The hairstyle for the holiday in kindergarten will require a little more time and forces than daily. Each girl is looking forward to New Year's matinee, where she can perform in the role of snowflakes and tell the poem. It is better before the process of laying to give several options to the daughter to choose from. Let it decide she herself, in which image wants to appear on the festive tea party. If there is a masquerade, then the hair design must match the carnival costume. Most often choose laying with pigtails, harness, interesting weaving. As accessories can be used ribbons that are woven into curls, hairpins, bows and more. Some moms buy special lacques with sparkles, thanks to which the girl's head glitters like a Christmas tree.

Now there are special multicolored strands for children's hair, some of them already have sparkles and rhinestones.

On the evening event, you can choose a method of laying with loose hair. Very nicely watching curls - girls become similar to small angels. You can simply decorate your head with hairpins or do the beautiful rim. It all depends on the imagination and experience of the mother, as well as from the desire of the girl.

On the intake in kindergarten girls come even more elegant and beautiful. The image is thought out literally to the smallest detail. First you choose the dress, then accessories, and then there comes a queue of selection of hairstyles. In this case, you should forget about tails and pigtails. Small lady prefer more original styling, for which you can contact the beauty salon - it will be a real holiday for the baby.

As a rule, for graduation, either beautiful curls or a raised hairstyle with a high bundle and a beautiful hairpin are chosen.

Is age influence?

Age definitely affects the choice of children's hairstyle. For little girls it is better to choose mischievous options with pigtails, tails and plenty of hairpins. More adult ladies will suit options with flocks or a neat beam. Do not hurry and make the child an adult hairstyle. Yet children should remain children even at the holiday.


There is a lot of interesting ways to create hairstyle for girls with long hair.

Use weaving

With weaving, you can make many original hairstyles for the holiday. Two of them are presented below.

  • French pigtail. To create such a spit, split hair onto a straight sample. Then a big strand is taken in the temple area and is divided into three parts - it will become the basis of hairstyles. We braid a pigtail, gradually moving to another temple and adding curls from the bottom of the head.

Having reached to the end, you can spin the bundle and decorate it with a rubber band with a flower or just make the tail, fixing it with a ribbon.

  • Evening version. A simple and fast way to create a beautiful hairstyle with braids. To begin with, the hair is collected in the tail on the back of the head, then divided into five parts. From each part should weave the pigtail and combine the resulting harnesses together. Next, the bundle turns out, it is folded in half and fixes the tail with a tape or gum. Koshets should be placed on hand, and sticking tails slightly twisted the catch. For a more original species, you can have a padded strand of different colors in the braids. The resulting hairstyle is decorated with flowers to hide the gum.

With loose hair

Perhaps this is the easiest option of hairstyles. Long hair looks so beautiful that it is not always necessary to complement them. It is enough to fully combing strands and decorate a rim or a pair of hairpins so that they do not interfere during the holiday. You can use a hair rim. For this side, a small strand is taken and brazed into a thin pigtail. Next, it must be transferred through the head, forming the rim, and consolidate invisible. More experienced mommies can make a woven pigtail, where another strand is additionally taken for each next curl.

Luxury curls

Each princess dreams of beautiful curls. They are very easy to form with the help of a cloth. It is important to establish a minimum level of heating, because baby hair is much softer than adults. Every curly splashes varnish. The finished hairstyle can be sprinkled with brilliant sprays.

In order not to injure the children's curls, you can just moisten them slightly and braid small pigtails for the night. In the morning, the braids are broken and a lush hairstyle is obtained with curls.

In retro-style

Retro style personify large curls, bundles and high barking. To create such stacking, you will need varnish, large and small combs, curling. To create a hairstyle with a wrench, it should be separated by a small piece of hair on the top of the top, slightly combat and sprinkle with varnish. Next, the strands are folded back and gently fit. They should be covered with another layer of hair and secure varnish. The front part is divided into lateral sample. A smaller strand is connected to the rest and is calculated, more voluminous - challenges on the side for convenience. You can slightly lower the strands on the forehead. Be sure to decorate the head of the rim.

For a high beam, you must collect the tail and take it slightly. Next is formed a bulk bump. It can be decorated with a bow, ribbon or flower, most importantly, the accessory is large.

How to fix?

Fixing the laying occurs with invisible or studs, depending on the selected option. Try not to use too much fastenings, as the baby can get sick from them.

How to decorate?

Modern shops make it possible to beautifully decorate curls at home. A huge number of hairpins, ribbons, bows, bright rubberar, colors and other accessories are sold literally at every corner. You can decorate the head with special hair rhinestones or sparkles.

The hairpins and bows, depending on the size, can be positioned across the head, and you can do with a concise decoration in the form of a rim. Try to buy as many decorations as possible, it will make the process of creating hairstyle with your own hands more interesting and cheerful for your daughter and for you. Spray with sparkles is very accurate - be sure to close your baby's eyes with hand. Taking the bottle of twenty centimeters, sprinkle the hair with a small amount of varnish.

Beautiful examples

  • Excellent version of a high beam for a children's holiday. Hair removed neatly back and slightly shoes to give the volume. Beautiful decoration in the form of a pearl hairpin with flowers perfectly combined with a dress. Light makeup emphasizes the tenderness of the image.
  • In this case, weaving on loose hair is used. Two thin french pigtails form a wreath on the head and beautifully framing it. They are connected on the top and bonded by a bow. The rest of the strands are neatly twisted in gentle curls.

About how to make a festive hairstyle for a girl with long hair, see the next video.

Weaving braids for girls will help young parents to instill good taste since childhood. Thanks to them, the child's hair will always be firmly fixed during the active gaming day, and the little fashionista will get the opportunity to paint new hairstyle in kindergarten, school or even any festive event.

Variety of types of hairstyles from braids

To begin with, it is worth mastering the basic classic types of weaving. Complete a simple three permanent braid, go to french, then overcome the twisted and fishe tail.

There are more complex options: four-finished, five permanent. For each of them we will provide a detailed explanation with schemes and phased descriptions. But as soon as it is all boring and ordinary, then you will use our pigtails for girls: 100 hairstyles with step-by-step photos.

Of the three strands

Simple and rich on the possibilities of pigtails. The principle of weaving is very light: the scheme shows that each time the side strands are put in place central in turn.

Just braid the whole mass of hair in a tight braid, or a little stretch the links to the sides. If the volume of the girl's chapels allows fantasies to get roaring, then gossip such mega design, as in the photo:

Or tie the tail on the back of the head and emissions from it several braids, tighten them into the lulk and secure invisible.

Master class with braids on the tail and ribbon

Hairstyle is suitable for daily visits to school or classes on dance circles. The sleek gulf will completely remove the hair from the face, and the tight weaving of the braid will help long curls do not grind all day.

Disheveled braids

The main condition is neatly elongated sections in each small pigtail, which give the impression of the openwork lace of the overall design.

Spring Cosa

The feeling of the first rays of the Sun give bouquets of bright colors in red hair. The hairstyle itself demonstrates how to braid a braid girl beautifully and simply, spending no more than five minutes.

Unusual ideas from ordinary braid

It would seem that options are over, but it is not. See how much interesting you can come up with the most elementary three-section.

French straight and twisted

Start training is standing with a classic option. It is called a spikelet or a dragon. The principle of execution is similar to a simple braid with honors in every link there is an addition to the side strands. The location and number of KOS will drastically change the hairstyle.

When the fingers of the hands have learned how to control the strands and correct them to sort out, go to the complicated opposite variant of the spit. They differ only from the fact that the side of the strands are not superimposed on top, but go under the bottom of the middle curl.

Here's how beautiful and effectively looks weaving as a result.


Common hair decoration for girls. Especially beautiful looks like floors inside the design of flowers, which help to create a feeling of a filled basket. Look at the picture. Weaving begins at one temple, passes along the edge through another, descends and makes turning inside already in free weaving.

The second version of baskets are often performed with a roller, if its own hair volume is not enough. It begins with the fact that they are separated in a circle the occipital part, tie the tail and gossip with the edge-haired hair.

Lesson: Training weaving a simple French rim inside out.

Beautiful decor ideas with ribbons and flowers in the photo.

Video Tutorial: French Spit with Lace Braid

An excellent lesson from YouTube with step-by-step instructions for performing a beautiful and light hairstyle that will enjoy even novice craftsmen.

Three in one

Another laying from the discharge of simple, understandable and accessible to everyone. Good for home use. Its main idea is that the two side are performed by a cooler, and the central rushes from the triangle left in advance near the forehead by any loved way. Ends all the neat tail.


The pictures you can see that a classic French weaving is used, and a format becomes hairstyles in which one spit crosses the other.

See how you can still implement such an idea using the folded method.


Complex, but incredibly spectacular braid braided. Decorate her invisible, hairpins with flowers or butterflies from stones, stick a bow, add a tape, release a couple of curly curls by the face and can safely go for a holiday.

How it is performed better to look at the video.

Openwork Rosa

If you don't seem difficult to do snail, then such a hairstyle will seem to "minutes." Just follow the direction of the braid, and finish its free edge into a neat flower and secure it in invisible.

Two parallel

At all times, schoolgirls were associated with two pigtails on the head, they often ended in lush beautiful bows. Another twenty years ago they did such a hairstyle for the first of September and the last call.

Here's how to weave braid girls: step-by-step instructions in pictures. If desired, at the very end, it is possible to pull the links in different directions, giving a pomp and extra volume.

With Kekalon

In the modern world, a canchelon came to shift - a bright synthetic material, which allows to increase the volume into the volume of a thin lap and significantly lengthen it. Suitable for short hair from 10 centimeters. It is crowded in both one braid, two parallel, basket, and make wonderful sprains or zizi, which facilitate the process of care of children's hair, especially useful during holidays on the sea. In addition, the child will be happy to see his image so bright and extraordinary. How to use the canexalone to read in the article.

Spit with beams

Universal hairstyle for first grades and fashionable girls of adolescents, consisting of two braids through the whole head and cones.

Step-by-step fulfillment clearly demonstrates that there is nothing complicated in her hair if you can weave the return braids.

The second half of the gossip after the model is guided forward. Start with the nape. Connect the tails in the braid and wrap it around your axis.

Interesting options

Reverse Spit with Bow

This is how the end result looks like hairstyles. Spit is performed on a drop-down baby's head from the bottom-up and passes the painter through the entire head.

She ends with a bow of ribbons or their own hair. That's how to do it right.

Spit with Marshops Kanzashi

The ordinary braid of the spikelet will look completely different with the help of non-good manipulations, which will result in visiting any solemn event.

To do this, purchase or make it yourself several colors of Kanzashi and enter them at the same distance from each other to the ribbon. Secure the first invisibility to the beginning of the braid and leafing it in any selected direction, using instead of the third straight or together with it tape.

The first flower take more than the rest.

Look at the photo, what holidays and incredibly beautiful can be such decorations.

On side in greek style

Elegant hairstyle for young teen girls. Just gossip from two sides of the face of the braid by the method of French spikelet, and the tips are connected at the back and take off the invisible. As decor you can use a beautiful fabric flower.

The second way for those who love tougher fixation.

With ribbons

In fact, if the tape is not sublayed under one of the strands, this scheme corresponds to a four-row with one tape.

If there are two ribbons, then it will already be five plumbing.

Start with the fact that we separate the hat zone with a direct surgery and gently under the hair under the invisible tape. Then make weaving according to the scheme, making in each section pickups.

Ideas with ribbon decor

This is how the options for the location of the brass with different shoelaces, threads, multi-colored ropes, ribbons and ribbons.

Stitched braids

Implement the most bold ideas for the New Year's party, makes it a Christmas tree on the head in the head of the young princess, tie heartily to the day of lovers or gossip a bright basket on the autumn harvest festival.

How to do it? Easily! Make the braids of the desired form and carefully thread through each section of the tape, performing the lacing.


For the holiday of Valentine or just wanting to boast an unusual hairstyle, gossip on the head of the girl in a cute heart. In this lesson, the princes look like a rim. The difference is that you need to carefully follow the right direction of work, performing two semicircles from the center of the parietal zone.

If the skill still does not allow you to make such complex braids, then the next option for you. Start in two tails on the sides. Glowing pigtails to any type of weaving. Tighten them around them around a rubber, invisible creases, connect the bottom, knoting a beautiful bow.

Fish tail

Simple weaving from two strands. In order to learn how to perform it, it is necessary a little skill, although the scheme itself is simple.

Just and quickly make openwork lugs on the head in the girl, especially if the hair is thick and you can minimize two things.


Rich on the options for laying a group of braids, which weave by twisting two or three curls. They are also called ropes or ropes.

Using the schema braid pigtail beautiful and fast child even for beginners Will not work.

Bezel around the head

Hairstyle for those moms that can not mask weaving from three and more strands. The end result looks no worse than the French twisted or classic braid.


The easiest way carefully for a minute to collect hair, giving them a beautiful look. Such a weaving without difficulty will even be the beginning of the "career" of the master in the mammy's cosos.

From rubberry

Spectacular volumetric weaving for lazy. If the hands are completely "not", with the help of rubberry, you can make a rim in the form of a crown and many other interesting options.

False french weaving

Look, what kind of magnificent and spectacular peaks are obtained. The presence of gum in the design can be hidden using transparent silicone, or emphasize using large and multi-colored.

This is what the process of creating such an unusual braid looks like.

False "Fish Tail"

The second method can also come in handy. Revised links look unusually and resemble a two-dollar weaving.

Gallery of finished hairstyles from rubber


We bring to your attention the imitation of the brain with such a name. These are options for "Lenza", which are suitable for beginners to study wicker masterpieces, moms. Look at the photos, how easy it is to do cute waves on long hair.

If you have time, you have more than a minute, then see interesting options for such braids in combination with different wicker elements.


This is a festive hairstyle from loose hair for real princesses. It looks especially perfectly with chic curls. Options for weaving rim There are several. If you learn how to make such stacking, you can collect a free girl for any holiday, prom or birthday.

The master class will help weigh a lightweight view of colored rubberry.

Hairstyles from the waterfall

Spit on a pencil

Weaving with an opening effect, which is performed on the tail. The principle is that through a pencil, which has been shifted under a rubber band, strand eats each time, and only then heats into the spit. In order to understand the process, it is better to familiarize yourself with the training video.

Additional photos with ideas

More than one hundred pictures with different hairstyle options will help you choose cool and stylish pigtails for any occasion and never happen again.

Long hair is very beautiful. But even more will decorate the girl unusual styling and weaving. How the hair was laid - this is the main part of your image. In this article you will find guidelines for creating intricate, but easy to perform hairstyles.

Hairstyle for girls for long hair

Simple and fast hairstyles with their own hands

Casual hairstyles can be very diverse and elegant, it is not only a familiar tail or pigtail. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on their creation.

"Released Tail"

  1. We collect on the back of the tail.
  2. Weaken the gum.
  3. We divide the hair above the gum in half.
  4. In this hole through the top, we do hair.
  5. Tighten the rubber band.



  1. Repeat items from the hairstyle "turned tail".
  2. Free ends minimize the harness.
  3. We put in the hole above the rubber band and hide inside the tip.
  4. Fix with studs.


"Stylish beam"

  1. We collect the maquer's hair.
  2. Repeat the "turned tail".
  3. Ends enclosure at the gum itself.
  4. The whole bundle is fixed with hairpins.

Stylish beam

"Fastened beam"

  1. Slightly freeze the chapel.
  2. We collect curls on the top and make a free harness.
  3. Twisting a bundle and secure studs.
  4. You can pull out a hairstyle somewhat strands.

Fastened beam

"Knot from pigtails"

  1. We make a tight smooth tail.
  2. We divide it into 2 parts.
  3. We braid on them braids.
  4. Spin each bit around the base of the beam and secure stiletto.

Knot from Kosichek

"Unusual horse tail"

  1. We collect curls on the back of the head.
  2. Separate the bottom of the strand and we lose it into the Spit.
  3. Wrap it around the base of the tail.
  4. The tip hide and fasten invisible.

Unusual horse tail

"Retro beam"

  1. We collect a high smooth tail.
  2. We put on it roller (rolled piece of fabric, thick rubber band).
  3. Evenly straighten the hair around the roller and put on top of the rubber band.
  4. The remaining strands turn around and attach the hairpins.

Retro beam

"Fashionable Rope"

  1. We collect the tail on the top.
  2. We divide in half.
  3. Twisting both parts into the harnesses and intertwine.
  4. Ends fasten with rubber band.

Fashionable rope

"Free Laying with Zhguts"

  1. I comb slightly top.
  2. On the sides twist 2 harness. Connect the back.
  3. Fix invisible.

Free laying with harness


  1. We divide the hair horizontally to 4 parts.
  2. From the 3rd parts alternately make tails turned.
  3. The remaining strands of the previous layer mix with the following.
  4. The fourth layer, if desired, leave the loose or also collect.


"Laying with a hairpin"

  1. We divide the hair across the ear to the ear.
  2. At the top we make a direct probor.
  3. We associate both sides to the node. Less upper strand to looked with a neat square.
  4. Fix laying a large elegant cloth under the node.

Laying with hairpin

"Careless harness"

  1. Make a nobody on the top.
  2. Hair from the temples is combing back and twist in the harness.
  3. Attach the hairpins and create "cocks" around the head.
  4. Free hair sweat.

Careless harness

Such is hairstyle to do easily independently, they are suitable for both walks and a hike to work or study.

Beautiful hairstyles for prom and other holidays

In order to look dazzling at the celebration, it is not necessary to spend a bunch of money at the hairdresser. Stylish and feminine styling for the holiday can be done with their own hands, using the most common hair products and hairpins.

"Greek beam"

  1. Collect your hair on the back of the back, leaving the face of 2 strands.
  2. Divide the tail in half and twist from half the harness.
  3. We glue them with each other and secure into the node with studs.
  4. Pryers in the face must be scored.
  5. Get the curls back and pin to the bundle to the beam.

Greek beam

"Node from Kos"

  1. Make a straight sample.
  2. On each side, we will turn on 3 thin pigtails-spikes in the direction of the nape.
  3. We connect from behind with the rest of the hair and twist in the node. Fix with studs.

Node from KG.

"Art Disorder"

  1. Curious strands near the face.
  2. Banga Freaky invisible on the theme.
  3. Below Breppy Snadd from Temples.
  4. Framed hair is fully combed and put on the back of the head with the help of the hairpin.

Artistic disorder

"High bundle with weaving on the back of the head"

  1. We divide the hair across 2 parts.
  2. Tilting the head forward, weave the spikelet from the nape.
  3. On the painter we combine with the second half of the chapels and collect in the tail.
  4. I combat it and fold, strengthening with pins.

High bundle with weaving on the back

"Weaving from the harnesses"

  1. From the face of two sides weave light braids.
  2. On the back of the head twist them in the harnesses and put on the back of the head with the help of the hairpins.

Weaving from Zhgutov

"Festive braid with ribbon"

  1. Fresh ribbon near the macushka so that this is not visible.
  2. We begin to weave the spikelet side, using the ribbon as the 3rd strand.
  3. Watch that the ribbon does not twist.
  4. Slightly pull the strands for volume.

Festive braid with ribbon


  1. We make two high tails on the painter.
  2. I comb them.
  3. Twist in loose harnesses.
  4. We put in a circle and crepim hairpins.


"A princess"

  1. Curl the whole hair to be hair curlers.
  2. Slightly combat the roots.
  3. From face twist a couple of loose harnesses and fasteners on the back of the head.
  4. Just below we are wearing 2 more harness and connect the cross.

A princess

"Bow of hair"

  1. We collect a hair into a high tail.
  2. We divide it in half.
  3. Every half comb and turn inside in the form of a bow.
  4. Brepping on the center of the pipes and at the edges so that he holds the shape.
  5. Loose tips twist the cross-crosswise around the parts of the beam, hide and fastened.

Bow of hair


  1. We divide my head on 2-3 zones.
  2. Each knit in the tail.
  3. We form flowers from the tails, bending hair and strengthening with pins.
  4. Covered with varnish.


"Easy negligence"

  1. Curious to the hair with a catch or iron.
  2. I comb on the chores for an additional volume.
  3. Carefully and symmetrically lay hanging curls on the back of the head, fixing the hairpins.
  4. Sprinkle varnish.

Easy carelessness

"Festive beam"

  1. We divide the ear to the ear to the ear.
  2. From the bottom we make a turned tail and comb it.
  3. We turn into a roll and fasteners in the recess over the rubber band.
  4. On the top we make braid sample and work.
  5. Cuts fold into harnesses and crepim over a bunch of stiletts.

Festive beam

From long hair you can make excellent hairstyles, spending a minimum of time. You can also show creativity and make our individuality into the image.

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1. High bundle from braid

Hairstyles for girls: bidder
YouTube Channel Kait Nichole

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 2 gum.
  • Bangbang.

How to do

Collect your hair in a high tail. Divide it into three parts and braid a pigtail. Wrap it around the base and secure the bundle with a rubber band, leaving a small tail. Decorate the hairstyle bow.

2. High volumetric tails with rubber bands

Hairstyles for girls: Throwing tails with rubber bands
YouTube Channel Lizas Braids

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • Several rubber bands (depending on the length of the hair).

How to do

Divide the hair in half, making a smooth sample. Collect them in two tall tails.

Slightly below the base, tie the tail with a rubber band. For volume, remove the hair between two rubber bands. In the same way, decorate the tails along the entire length.

3. High twisted beam with scarf

Hairstyles for girls: high twisted beam with handkerchief
YouTube Channel Lizas Braids

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 1 ordinary gum.
  • Thin handkerchief.
  • 2 Thin invisible gum.
  • Several hair spills.

How to do

Collect your hair in a high tail. Tie over the gum folded handkerchief so that the node is located under the tail.

Divide your hair into two parts. Twist each of them with hawk fabric - there are details in the video. Secure the tips of the resulting harnesses with subtle rubber bands.

Tighten your hair around the base of the tail and fix the bundle with stiletts.

4. High tail with two different braids

High tail with two different braids
YouTube Channel Hair4Littlegirls

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 1 ordinary gum.
  • 2 Thin invisible gum.
  • Bangbang.

How to do

Collect your hair in a high tail and secure a rubber band. Separate a small straightener at the top of the tail, glow the pigtail and tip the tip with a thin rubber band.

The remaining hair also turn into a braid and give it the volume, pulling the strands to the sides. Tie the tips of two brass rubber bands and attach the bow on the top.

5. High beam in the shape of a heart

Hairstyles for girls: high beam in the shape of a heart
YouTube Channel Chikaschic

What do you need

  • Roller to create a beam.
  • 4 Thin gum.
  • Comb.
  • 2 ordinary gum.
  • Several hair spills.
  • Hair varnish is optional.

How to do

Remove the roller shape of a heart using a rubber band, as shown in the video. Collect your hair in the tail and secure the rubber band.

Grind your hair in the roller and distribute them around it, scatter and put on another gum.

Wrap the remaining hair around the beam by fixing them with stiletts. Cross the bundle and, if necessary, lock the lacquer.

6. Low tails with two pigtails

Hairstyles for girls: Low tails with two braids
YouTube Channel Easy Toddler Hairstyles

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 4 gum.
  • 2 Bowls.

How to do

Divide the hair in half a direct vesary. Top on the sides, take two thin tail, and below are two fat.

Make the top tail in the pigtail, remove from the bottom gum and cross it the hair. Similarly, make another pigtail and connect it with the second tail. Decorate the bows.

7. Framed hair with braids without weaving

Loose hair with braids without weaving
YouTube Channel Hair4Littlegirls

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 8 fine invisible rubber bands.
  • 2 Bowls.

How to do

Collect the top of the hair in two tails. A little lower than the base of one tail Tie a rubber band. Divide the hair between rubber bands in half and skip the lower part of the tail, as shown in the video. Repeat one more time.

Do the same with the second tail. While both parts of the hair below. On the resulting tail, repeat the pattern with rubber bands twice. Decorate the hairstyle bows.

8. Low tails with twisted strands

Low tails with twisted strands
YouTube Channel Easy Toddler Hairstyles

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 3 gum.
  • 2 Bowls.

How to do

Top to make oblique probes and separate the strands. Fix it for a taking a rubber band so that it does not interfere. Divide the rest of the hair into two parts and collect in the tails.

Spring above also divide in half. Twist each part and connect with the opposite tail. Decorate the hairstyle with hairpins.

9. Flipped hair with a bow

Hairstyles for girls: loose hair with a bustard
YouTube Channel Silly Avacado

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 1 gum.
  • Several invisible.

How to do

Collect the top of the hair in the tail. With the last turnover of gum do not pull the hair completely.

Divide the resulting loop in half and distribute to the parties as shown in the video. Lock the hair invisible so that they look like a bow.

Take a small strand from the tail in the middle, wrap up and attach invisible. Check hair.

10. Low tails with rubber bands

Hairstyles for girls: Low tails with rubber bands
YouTube Channel Hair4Littlegirls

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 10 rubber bands.
  • Krabic hairpin.

How to do

Divide the hair from above in half. Make a thin tail on one side. Separate another strand under it, add a tail made to it and secure the rubber band. Pick the hair with rubber band and grinding, so that you do not interfere.

Repeat three times until all hair is collected. In the same way, make the pattern on the other side of the head. Slightly straighten the hair between the rubber bands to give the pattern volume.

11. Low twisted tail

Hairstyles for girls: Low twisted tail
YouTube Channel Brown Haired Bliss

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 3 gum.
  • Bangbang.

How to do

Separate at the top right a small strand and collect in the tail. The remaining part of the hair will secure the rubber band below the same side.

The top tail is divided by half, twist each part separately, and then among themselves. Connect with a lower tail.

The rest of the hair also extend into two parts, switch to the harness and impose with rubber band. Decorate the hairstyle bow.

12. Low tail with twisted strands

Hairstyles for girls: Low tail with twisted strands
YouTube Channel Hair4Littlegirls

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 4 gum.
  • Krabic hairpin.
  • Bangbang.

How to do

Divide the top of the hair into two equal shares and make tails. Collect the rest of your hair in a low tail. So that the upper does not interfere, pick them up with a hairpin.

Divide the upper tails in half. Those parts that are closer to the center of the head, twist and make the harness from them. Crerate it with the bottom tail of the crab.

The remaining spars of each tilt also divide in half and twist. Tie all flagella and tail with a rubber band and decorate it with a bow.

13. High tail with oblique without weaving

High tail with braid without weaving
YouTube Channel Mania de Penteado

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • Hairpin for hair or invisible.
  • Several rubber bands (depending on the length of the hair).

How to do

Make a high tail. Separate the side of a thin strand, wrap it around the gum and fix it with a hairpin or invisible.

Top separating a small strand and fold up. Just below on the tail, tie another gum. Separate a small curl under it and leak it up in the middle of the first strand. It is divided in half and connect with elastic band with other hair.

Keep to do in the same way until you reach the end of the tail. In the process, carefully pull the strands to the sides and jump them.

14. High bundles with a cross population

High beams with a cross population
YouTube Channel Hair4Littlegirls

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 12 rubber bands.
  • Pastry-crab.
  • Several hair spills.

How to do

Divide the hair in half, making a direct probor. Then divide them into six parts and collect in the tails, as shown in the video. So that the hair does not interfere with, pick up ready-made tails with grills.

Lower left tail split into two parts and twist them with each other. Raise strand to the middle right tail and secure a rubber band. Similarly, tie the right bottom tail to the middle left.

Then, then make a cross pattern of medium tails. But, connecting them with the upper, pull the hair is not completely, but only a little bit.

Wrap the remaining hair around the beams and secure the rubber bands. Conduct bundles with spills.

15. Framed hair with a heart from Kos

Hairstyles for girls: loose hair with a heart from Kos
YouTube Channel Chikaschic

What do you need

  • Comb.
  • 4 gum.
  • Hair loop is a special tool for stretching strands (you can do without it, but it turns out easier and more careful).
  • Several hair spills.

How to do

Stash the top of the hair in the tail at the level of the nape. Cut the loop under it with a sharp end up, skip the tail in it and pull out. Details are in the video.

Divide the tail in half and braid two return pigtails. Raise them upstairs and form a heart, fastening the hair with stiletts. Below, tie braids together and remove extra gum.

Grind the sharp end of the loop to the place of the junction of the braids. From behind, separated from the tail thin strand, wrap it around the gum and stretch with a loop.

Festive hairstyles for girls of different years can be easily made with their own hands.

In the article you will find children's hairstyles for girls of different years, both with short and long chapels and photos, as well as video materials with hairstyles.

For little girls

In girls, 2-3 years old shevo is usually short, or medium, but even in this case, you can make a beautiful hairstyle with your own hands, which will be appropriate at any celebration.

The easiest way to do it with the help of accessories: beautiful rims, ribbons, hairpins, diadems and other jewelry for chapels, selected in the tone to the dress or costume, perfectly complement the image of the child.

A photo:

For children under 5 years old, the most suitable hairstyle is a kara with bangs or without, or shorter hair, because Such haircuts are much more convenient - you don't have to spend time on collecting a child in a kindergarten, and the girl itself does not have to constantly correct the hairstyle.

With the help of accessories it is easy to transform a haircut in a beautiful laying for a holiday. Another laying option that is easily created at home - tails on the sides.

Instead of ordinary gums, they can be fixed with bright ribbons or bows - then the styling will be festive.

If children's curls are medium length, then hairstyle variants are noticeably more. For example, you can collect them in a beautiful beam on the side - such a laying is very simple and you can easily make it with your own hands.

To create an image, thoroughly disclaim the hair carefully, after which we separate strands from the temple and twist in the hartus. Next, continue weaving by adding new strands to the harness.

You need to finish in a place where you decide to make a bundle (head side). Here you need to make a tail, which is then transformed into a beam with invisible hairpins.

Most of all such a hairstyle is suitable for haircuts without bangs, but when it is presented it is quite suitable for the holiday option for a child up to 5 years.

A photo:

You can make wild hair as a festive stacking with straight hair - you can make curls - so the chapels will look cute, and your head can always be decorated with a ribbon or bandage.

To create curls, you only need to use the safest methods so as not to damage the girl's strands. It is best to wind strand on soft curlers or their variety - Locks.

They are very soft, so you can calmly leave the curvily at night, and they will not interfere with the sleep of the child.

So that the curls turn out to be volumetric, strands need to be twisted in harnesses before fixing on Locks. To make the stacking was easier, it can be shifted a little.

Rides are screwed from the roots throughout the head. Children's strands are very soft and pliable, so after a few hours of the lame of the child will turn into elastic curls.

Hairstyles with collected hair

Hair at the age of 5-7 years and older is no longer so soft and noticeably longer, so children's festive hairstyles for girls can be much more diverse - they can be supplemented with weaving, curling, add accessories, etc.

Spit is one of the most popular decorations of the image of a girl of different years.

Beautiful pigtails can be swallowed with their own hands in a kindergarten every day and on birthdays or other festive events. Simple but stylish option will be laying of three braids.

A photo:

You can make it both on medium and long curls. Before creating hairstyles, hair needs to wet - then they will be easier to braid.

All the hair must be divided into three parts: two sides and one near the forehead. French braids are braided from side strands.

And the upper part of the hair is swam in a thin pigtail of four strands. It is not necessary to reach braids to the end - secure all the strands of the rubber band, make a bundle from the tail and decorate it with a beautiful bow, a hairpin or another accessory - it will complement the image and hides the gum that the hair is tied.

Bows from their own hair are simple, but very stylish hairstyle, which is suitable for girls of different years: both those who are still visited by kindergarten and for schoolgirls of junior classes.


This hairstyle looks best on a long lap of the same length, but you can make it and in the presence of direct or oblique bangs.

To create an image, straight should be assembled on the head of the head into the horse tail, the tip of the tail must be slightly stretched out of the gum towards the face.

Stretch the tail from the gum to get a beam, which then needs to be divided into two parts.

The rest of the strand needs to be traded through the middle to get a bow, and then strengthen the construction of the invisible design. Banta can be done both on the top and side of the head.

If you want it to be more magnificent, the hair is predefined. Such beautiful children are adversely made very quickly and are suitable for any celebration.

A photo:

Bow of hair

The original version of the weaving will be a hairstyle "Christmas tree".

It will suit girls from different years with enough long hair. This is an excellent option on the New Year's Matinee in the garden or school.

Hair needs to comb well and divide the surveillance from the ear to ear, and then fasten with a rubber band on the top of the top. The lower part of the chapels also need to be collected in the tail.

Divide the first tail into two parts and secure the bottomtal between them using the clamp.

Divorced strands are fixed with a rubber band, the lower tail is lowered and also shared in half.

You need to cross each other, connecting with rubber bands - you will have a weaving resembling a Christmas tree.

Below the tail is fixed with a rubber band. It is beautiful and pretty simple festive stying looks well both on long and medium hair.


Framed hair

Beautiful long hair - decoration not only adult women, but also little girls, so such stacking is also very popular.

But you should not pick them up for girls 2-5 years, because They will be uncomfortable with a loose chapel. For the rest there are very beautiful and simple options for creating hairstyles on loose strands.

It is easiest to turn strands into curls - it can be both large curls and very small curls.

You can make them with the help of a curling, if an older girl, or shook strands on the curlers - to make it quite simple.


Children's accessories can decorate such a hairstyle: crown, diadem or unusual rim. Flipped strands and weaving elements are also an interesting option.

Such styling includes, for example, spit waterfall - with its help you can combine beautiful loose hair, but make a hairstyle more comfortable.

A photo:

The Waterfall is made quite just with their own hands at home, besides, it has a lot of varieties: you can weave it on the back of the back, or make side weaving.

Before creating an image, straight is better to twist, because On the wavy hair, such a hairstyle looks better.


If the girl's hair is long and naughty, lush or very curly, then in a pretty form they may not be too comfortable for the child.

In this case, weaving on the top of the head will be a good and simple image - with it, you can remove strands from the face, hairstyle is more convenient.

You can strad up in pigtails, or just twist into the harnesses before the start of the nape, and then decorate them with invisible and secure a beautiful hairpin or grill.

A more interesting variety of persecuted strands will be laying braid-rim, as in the photo.


It is suitable for girls with long strands, or with a long oblique bangs.

Weaving start from the temple to the opposite side - so you will get a shoor wrinkle, which keeps the curls well and does not give them to climb.

To make it elegant, you can add colored ribbons to weaving or other children's accessories.

There are other options for French slotting braids - they can be placed on the back of the head, around the head or in any other sequence.

Such tearfully combined with the lessed strands and are easy to create with their own hands, so they are very convenient to use them as a festive version of the hairstyle.


Are you here:

27350. Published December 18, 2015.

Want to create different hairstyles every day for your favorite girls? Then you need to us. We picked up the most relevant and fashionable hairstyles for girls that you can easily create at home.

Children's hairstyles with rubber bands

How to diversify ordinary tails, bundles and pigtails with a rubber band? Very easy, and such hairstyles are always relevant, interesting and entertaining. Hairstyles with rubber bands are suitable for short hair and for long. In addition, with the help of rubber bands, you can remove your hair from the face and they will be securely fixed and will not interfere with the child. Such hairstyles are very relevant to school.

Hairstyles with gum There are a lot, every day you can do something new, it all depends on your imagination and time that you can spend on creating hairstyles. Elastic bands can be used multicolored or transparent silicone.

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Festive hairstyles for girls

When going to some important holiday, we pay a lot of time on the hairstyle, for our little princesses it is also important to pick up the hairstyle under the appropriate image. For girls, the hairstyle should be not only beautiful, but also convenient and not too complicated so that she could hold out the whole evening and will not deteriorate in the middle of the holiday. Also, hairstyle can be decorated with a beautiful accessory (bow, hairpin, flower).

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for girls

Stock Foto Hairstyles for girls

Stock Foto Hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

The love of mapping is still hidden since childhood, lungs, perky, romantic, it's all about pigtails. Movement methods of braids are a lot: ordinary braid, French braid, spikelets, waterfall, openwork braids and all of them are suitable for both adults and children. Any pigtail can be beautifully beat with a bow, combining with a tail or flowing hair. In the photo below, you will find many variants of various braid-based hairstyles:

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Hairstyles for girls based on braid

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

For the smallest girls who have not so much hair should be made hairstyle based on tails using small rubber bands.

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Interesting hairstyles for girls: photo

Stock Foto Hairstyles for girls

Stock Foto Hairstyles for girls

Stock Foto Hairstyles for girls

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Interesting hairstyles for the smallest

Children's hairstyles step by step with photos

Sometimes, to learn to make a hairstyle you need to see how it is done in stages. We offer the most popular hairstyles for girls with step-by-step photos.

Hairstyle "French Spit insicon"

Such a braid looks very impressive, it is a common braid of three strands, which woves inside out, that is, the technique is the same as weaving ordinary braids. First you need to comb your hair so that they do not get confused when you are weave, you can also moisten a little, so the hair will be more obedient.

Hair breaks down on three smooth parts and get the right strand in the middle, crossing it, pull them into different directions. Mirrorly reflect the actions: Get the left strand to the one that now has become medium, and also pull. That is, weave as if under the bottom. And so repeat the process, alternating the right and left side, until the tip. Looks up with a rubber band and straighten the braid that it is in bulk.

Children's hairstyles step by step with photos

Beautiful bulk beam

To create a beam, we will need: a good gum that will keep the tail, a bagel (small) thin transparent gum for fastening pigtails and several studs, as well as a beautiful bowl for decorating.

First we make the tail and fix it with rubber band. We wear a bagel, and one fine strand leave the pigtails for weaving. Hair, which remained in a bubble evenly distribute and begin to weave the braid. Then the pigtail, which remained circling around the beam and secure with studs. You can also decorate a beautiful bow.

Children's hairstyles step by step with photos

Hairstyle "Bow

Such a hairstyle is suitable for hair of medium length and density, making a bow is completely simple and such a hairstyle will take away from your strength for five minutes. First we make a high tail and when you scroll it with the last time with a rubber band, do not turn it out to the end (the photo below). Then share your hair into two parts and make a bow from the hair that remained fastening them invisible and hairstyle is ready.

Children's hairstyles step by step with photos

In the article 5 of simple hairstyles for girls to school for every day, you will find another hairstyle options that you can do without spending a lot of time.


  1. Features hairstyles for girls
  2. High bundle
  3. High tail with weaving
  4. Locks and curls for a holiday
  5. Hairstyles for short hair
  6. Hairstyles with rubber bands
  7. Hairstyle with flagella
  8. Weaving from face
  9. Hairstyle "Waterfall"
  10. What hairstyles are not recommended for children

Festive hairstyles - a special category in the hairdresser's art, especially if it concerns girls. In the festive solemn day, every girl wants to look interesting and attractive. If the daily everyday moms choose simple and fast hairstyles for their daughters, which is spent by a maximum of 5 minutes, then when performing a solemn hairstyle, you need to try.

Features of hairstyles for girls for the holiday: what you need to know Mama

Children's stacking on a holiday differ significantly from adults, so you do not need to create a child too complicated hairstyles with which he will be hard. The child's strands are much thinner and more tender, there are no durability and fortress. Consider this when creating a festive hairstyle.

  • Do not overload the head of the child with an abundance of hairpins and studs. The child is unlikely to like this laying.
  • Hairstyle should be as easy as possible, the child practically should not feel it
  • Along the hair should not interfere, climb into the face, crumble at any move. At the same time, tight weaving is also not suitable.
  • Do not take adult styling as an example, give preference to air weaving, flavors, tails
  • Be sure to consider the opinion of the child when creating hairstyles

We offer you the top 8 stylish hairstyles for the holiday for girls that you can repeat without any problems yourself.

# 1 high beam from braid: festive hairstyle for girl

The laying is ideal for the owners of long hair that allow you to create a bulk braid. To create styling, you will need:

  • comb
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Bangbang or other beautiful hairpin

How to do:

  • Collect hair in high tail
  • Divide the hair into 3 parts and braid the usual pigtail
  • Wrap a braid around the base and secure it with rubber band or hairpins
  • Slightly distribute strands to get a bulk laying
  • Decorate the laying of a bar-bow or another beautiful elastic band

# 2 high tail with weaving for medium hair

Weaving is the easiest and most affordable way to create a beautiful hairstyle. Collect your hair in a high tail, then you can do anything on the hair.

  • Perform a wetting "Fish Tail"
  • Perform return weaving with voluminous strands
  • Make flagella and decorate them with colored rubber bands

# 3 hairstyle for a holiday for a girl: waves and curls

Holders of medium and short hair can be tried to create a beautiful laying with waves. You can perform it with the help of a curl, ironing or curlers. Secure the hair with a lacquer for hair. To the curls do not get into the eyes, secure the hair with a hairpin.

You can perform curls on long hair, but the child will be quite problematic with them. Such a hairstyle is appropriate if the holiday will not be active games and dances.

# 4 hairstyle for girls for a holiday for short hair

Short hair holders are quite difficult to perform beautiful styling. Hair length does not allow creating volumetric weaving or waves. The best option for short hair is to perform two tails. The tips of the hair can be slightly screwed.

To compensate for the length of the hair, use beautiful gum and bows. Excellent look hairstyles with bantle bantle ribbons.

# 5 tails with elastic bands on Praznik

Hairstyles with small multicolored rubber bands are very popular lately. They look at the same time simultaneously and beautiful. Similar hairstyles have already been relevant in the 90s, when these bright multicolored gum appeared for the first time.

To perform hairstyles need:

  • split hair in half
  • Separate a small strand of hair and secure the rubber band on it.
  • Take a new strand of hair, add the first strand to it and also secure it with a rubber band.
  • continue such a weaving to the end
  • Repeat the same weaving from the second half

If you wish, you can release a little strands to get a spectacular volumetric weaving

# 6 flagellas for holiday for girls

The flagellas look much more effectively than ordinary weaving. They look great in conjunction with the festive outfit, easily create and withstand even the most active games.

  • Separate hair strand at the top on the right and perform a flagella
  • The rest of the hair collect in the tail and add to it the upper flagel
  • From the main strand of the hair, also make a flagellum and secure it with a beautiful rubber band.

Flares can be performed in any hairstyle, supplement the volumetric weaving, waves and other styling. It is important that the hair strands from which the flagellas were made are the same. Then the twisted flagellas will turn out uniform and beautiful.

# 7 Weaving on behalf: Beautiful hairstyle on medium and long hair

Weaving on behalf of the face look great both in everyday and festive image. When all the attention is drawn to the face, the image is especially beautiful and cute. Mom's task to remove part of the hair from the face and perform spectacular weaving from it.

It can be a classic French weaving, inverse weaving, flagellation, "fish" tail and other ways. The remaining part of the hair can be laid a message and focus on the side hairstyle or remove them into bulk weaving. In the photo selection at the end of the review you will find many interesting ideas with similar styling.

# 8 hairstyle waterfall for long hair for a holiday

Under a long festive dress is perfectly suitable laying with flowing hair. The hairstyle "Waterfall" is used in an adult fashion, but it also looks great on children's horses. An example of such laying you can see in the photo below.

When creating a hairdo "Waterfall", it is necessary to perform such a weaving so that it is not too tight and not too free. Weaving should not be filled after the first dance or active game.

Hairstyles who do not need to make children for a holiday

We have already mentioned above that children are undesirable to make adult stacking. On children, they will look ridiculous and too fried. The list of taboos for children's images also hit:

  • hairstyles in greek style
  • Bocho Styling
  • Iroquois of pigtails and weaving
  • Braids plus braids and other styling that are not at all suitable for children's image

In the reserve of each mommy, there must be several beautiful and simple hairstyles, in the successful creation of which she is sure. Pick up for yourself and your child a few beautiful styling from photo selection and try to fulfill them in your free time to cope with them without problems and bustle on a festive day.

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